Retro VGM Revival Hour: PUZZLE GAMES

STAGE34Long before the Wii brought casual games to consoles and mobile devices kick started a new era of pick-up-and-play and socially driven titles for gamers and non-gamers alike, there were puzzle games. Of all the classic video game genres, puzzle games are among the most classic,Whether you prefer a hardcore match-three session, brain teasers or just a five minute distraction on your morning commute, this genre has something for everyone.

So put aside your prescription from Dr. Mario, and embrace some of the finest puzzling experiences you can find in this Stage of the retro VGM revival hour.


Track List:
Game – Composer – Title – Year – Company – System

1.) Portal 2 – Mike Morasky – “Reconstructing More Science” – April 19, 2011 – Valve Corporation – Windows PC,PS3,Xbox 360,OSX,Linux

2.) Adventures of Lolo 3 – Hideki Kanazashi & Jun Ishikawa – “Level Theme” – 1990 – HAL Laboratory – NES

3.) Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo – Tatsuro Suzuki, Isao Abe, Yuko Takehara, Syun Nishigaki, Setsuo Yamamoto, Takayuki Iwai, & Masato Kouda – “Ryu Stage” – June 20, 1996 – CAPCOM – Arcade, Sony Playstation, PSN & XBLA

4.) Pictionary: The Game of Video Quick Draw – Tim Follin – “Title Theme” – July 1990 – Software Creations/LJN – NES

5.) Lemmings 2: The Tribes – Brian Johnston, Alasdair Houston, David Whittaker & Raymond Usher – “Classic” – 1993 – DMA Design/Psygnosis – Commodore Amiga

6.) Edge – Romain Gauthier – “Kakkoi!” – December, 2008 – Mobigame – Linux, iOS, Android, PSN, Windows, Mac OS X, Wii U & Nintendo 3DS

7.) Portal – Jonathan Coulton and sung by Ellen McLain – “Still Alive” – October 9, 2007 – Valve Corporation – Windows PC, PS3, XBOX 360, MAC OS X & Linux

8.) World of Goo – Kyle Gabler – “Ode to the Bridge Builder”- October 13, 2008 – 2D BOY – Windows PC, iOS, OS X, Linux & Nintendo Wii

9.) Puzzled – Thomas Mogensen – “BGM 3” – 2001 – Elo Interactive/Conspiracy Entertainment – GameBoy Color

10.) Scribblenauts Unlimited – David Franco – “Edwin’s Farm” – November 13, 2012 – 5th Cell/Warner Bros. Interactive & Nintendo – Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, Windows, IOS & Android

11.) Tetris Attack – Masaya Kuzume & Yuka Tsujiyoko – “Sea World (Lunge Fish Stage)” – August 1996 – Intelligent Systems/NINTENDO – SNES

12.) Puyo Puyon (Puyo Puyo IV) – Daisuke Nagata – “Preparations OK! Lady 2 Fight” – March 4, 1999 (japan Only) – Compile/SEGA – Sega Dreamcast

13.) Magnetis – Romain Gauthier – “Solo” – December 7, 2009 – Yullaby – Nintendo Wii (WiiWare) & PC

14.) Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft – Jason Hayes & Peter McConnell – “Don’t Let Your Guard Down” – March 11, 2014 – Blizzard Entertainment – Windows PC, MAC OS X, iOS & Android

15.) Tetris – Jim Andron – “Level 5” – 1992 – Philips Media – The Philips CD-i

16.) Boulder Dash – Shogo Sakai & Yusuke Takahama – “World Map” – 1990 – Sakata SAS/JVC – NES

17.) Puyo Puyo Tsuu – Tsuyoshi Matsushima & Tomonori Minami – “Level 6 Theme (last Area)” – February 12, 1994(Japan Only) – Compile/SEGA – Sega Genesis (MegaDrive)

18.) Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords – Marc Derell – “Background 1” – March 16, 2007 – Infinite Interactive/D3 Publisher –
Nintendo DS, PSP, XBOX 360, PS2, PS3, Mac OSx & IOS

19.) Professor Layton and the Curious Village – Tomohito Nishiura – “Theme of Professor Layton, Mysterious Girl & Pursuit at Night ” – February 10, 2008 – Level-5/Nintendo – Nintendo DS

20.) Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine – Masanori Hikichi, Masayuki Nagao & David Javelosa – “Exercise Mode” – November 26, 1993 – Compile/SEGA – Sega Genesis

21.) Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros’ Treasure – Shinya Okada & Tadayoshi Makino – “Level Select/Map Theme (The HideOut)“ – January 18, 2008 – CAPCOM – Nintendo Wii

See The Tetris 64 Bio Sensor In Action!

Did you know there was a Nintendo 64 peripheral that took your pulse, and only worked with the Japan-only Tetris 64? It’s the Tetris 64 Bio Sensor!

Well watch this video, and not only will you know more, but you’ll actually SEE me play Bio Tetris while having my pulse taken. What does this all mean?

Watch and find out!

Video Transcription

I’m going to try and make my heartbeat go higher, by breathing heavily which is going to make me look like a complete twat.

So for the last two weeks, I’ve been talking about some of the pickups I’ve purchased from the London Gaming Market and this is the final video that I’m going to use to talk about that, and the reason why is that I thought I’d make a special video just for one particular item I purchased the other week and that is this little guy here and I’ve referred to is as a biosensor because that is basically what it is. This is a Japanese-only peripheral that only came out in Japan and was only released and used for one game in particular, and that is Tetris 64. I thought, since no-one really knows too much about these things, it would be the perfect opportunity to show you something that not many people have seen – Someone actually playing Tetris 64 using the Bio Sensor, to see how it works, so I’ve got my N64 pad here and we’re just going to plug this bad boy in. Then, I’m going to clip this little thing to me ear here so it can take my pulse – It’s quite difficult to actually keep it on, it’s not very tight which is good in some ways, but I’m worried it’ll fall off a bit.

I’m going to start the game, and then see what we’ve got. We’ve got all sorts of different modes, luckily the menu is in English! So there’s a Sensor Check option, just to make sure it’s all working, so it’s taking my pulse – I don’t know if that’s good or not; 90 to 100. That’s probably normal, I guess. Hopefully. I don’t know if that actually changes depending on me talking as well, so lets see if that works.

There’s a Bio Tetris mode, and I haven’t actually properly played this yet, so I’m not sure what to expect. It’s my understanding that when I play this game, it’ll take my pulse and it will change the difficulty the game speed accordingly. So I’m going to start off on level 3, I think.

I wouldn’t say I’m the master of Tetris, but on the other hand, I wouldn’t say I’m terrible at it, either. I’m competent, I think is the best term you could use. You have that little pulse rate there, can’t talk too much because that’s going to…

It’s supposed to make it harder when my pulse rate is quite low, and easier when it’s high. To test that theory, I’m just going to hold my breath for a bit and slow my heartbeat down.

Now that my heartbeat is quite slow, it’s giving me very normal Tetris pieces. So far, so good. This one does have some very weird pieces for a Tetris game.

In a second, I’m going to try and make my heartbeat go higher by breathing heavily, which is going to make me look like a complete twat on video, on the internet – But this is all in the aid of science, and showing you something a little bit different.

I’m going to start breathing heavily now, to see what happens.

It’s not really doing very much to be honest. Although it’s clearly reading my heartbeat as a bit high, it’s not actually going a helluva lot, to be honest. I’m going to try and calm myself down again.

This isn’t working very well, I’m just going to try a different mode, just to see if it’s any different. So, I’m going to try B-Type.

Start off, from the beginning.

I’m just going to test a theory, I’m going to take this off, just to see if it actually changes anything. So, it looks like I’m dead, but I don’t know if this is reading it from my finger, maybe? Let’s try again.

So it’s got my pulse now.

There’s a part of me that thinks that maybe this isn’t working as it’s supposed to? I don’t think it’s a faulty unit, I think that’s working absolutely fine, I think it’s just a very low fidelity technology that doesn’t work particularly well. I think it’s picking up my voice more than my pulse at this moment.

I wonder if I put it on my finger…Might be a better place to put it.

It might not pick up my voice so much.

That looks a bit more normal.

It does actually tell you to put it on your ear, but it’s quite weird that it’s not working quite as well.

I’m going to try a different mode again, just to see if another mode works. I’m just going to start quite a high level, just to see if I can artificially make my heart beat quite high organically just by playing the game. It’s not actually working now, which is a bit weird.

There we go.

Things are moving a bit differently now, I don’t know if this is related to the pulse rate I’m going to hold my breath again just to see if this slows down.

I don’t know if you can tell whether it’s making any difference to the speed – It’s hard for me to tell. It could just be the level I’ve put it on. Again, I don’t think it’s doing much, which is quite weird.

There is a multiplayer mode on this, with up to four Bio Sensors. When you go into the Sensor Check there are other spots to have more of these on, but again – Not really much happening when you actually play the game.

Let me see what happens when you change the Bio Feedback, just to see if it’s something a little bit different.

I’m going to put the level up again to see if there’s any difference to actually playing it like this. The other thing it could be is, it depends how stressful Tetris makes you. I’m naturally a very calm person for the most part, so playing Tetris is not something I’d consider a strenuous activity, or something that would make me particularly stressful, and maybe that’s showing in this. It’s hard to tell.

I’m going to hold my breath to see if anything changes, I don’t think it is.

Honestly, I think I’m going to give up at this point, I think.Tetris 64 with a Bio Sensor is a great idea, but I don’t think the technology quite works up to the potential. I’m surprised that Nintendo haven’t come up with their little BioSensor they were talking about a few years ago for the Wii U, and this is probably why because it doesn’t work particularly well. So I’m actually going to leave it there. It’s not the most exciting video, so I’m sorry – But you can’t always trust technology, especially from the late 90’s. I’m going to leave it!

Thank you very much for watching, as always you can subscribe to this channel which is great and keeps you up to date all of the videos I do, from retro stuff to modern stuff, the random stuff to do with Bio Sensors, all that guff. And I’m going to see you around, thank you very much for watching, and don’t forget to keep gaming positive!

Retro VGM Revival Hour – GAME BOY

GAMEBOY25 Years Ago, We started to play with power, Portable Power!
And it seems that we have not stopped yet

Can you believe it’s been 25 YEARS!! 25 Years ago the Game Boy launched in Japan and melted faces. So this special STAGE is here to Celebrate what an amazing console it was with help from some of these selected tracks. You better put on your party hat and get those balloons ready, because this Game Boy party cannot start without YOU!



Track List:
Game – Composer – Title – Year – Company

*Super Mario Land – Hirokazu Tanaka – “Birabuto kingdom” – August 1989 – Nintendo

*Batman – Naoki Kodaka & Nobuyuki Hara – “Gotham City” – June 1990 – Sunsoft

*Donkey Kong – Taisuke Araki – “Upside Down Critters” – June 1994 – Pax Softnica/Nintendo

*Castlevania II: Belmont’s Revenge – Hidehiro Funauchi – “Praying Hands (Cloud Castle)” – August 1991 – Konami

*Final Fantasy Legend II – Nobuo Uematsu & Kenji Ito – “Heartful Tears” – November 1991 – Square

*Astérix & Obelix (GBC) – Alberto Jose Gonzalez – “Britania; Act 1” – EUROPE 1999 – Bit Managers/ Infogrames

*Mega Man II – Kenji Yamazaki – “title screen/final stage” – February 1992 – CAPCOM

*Dragon Ball Z: Legendary Super Warriors (GBC) – Katsunari Kitajima – “Awakening” – November 8, 2002 – Banpresto/ Infogrames

*The Smurfs’ Nightmare (GBC) – Alberto Gonzalez – “Enchanted” – February 28, 1999 – Bit Managers/Infogrames

*Donkey Kong Land – David Wise & Graeme Norgate – “Great Girder Grapple” – June 26, 1995 – RARE/ Nintendo

*Pokémon Red Version – Junichi Masuda – “The Road to Lavender Town” – September 28, 1998 – Game Freak/ Nintendo

*The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening – Minako Hamano, Kozue Ishikawa & Kazumi Totaka – “Sword Search” – August 1993 – Nintendo

*Kid Dracula – Akiko Itoh – “stage 6” – March 1993 – Konami

*Tetris – Hirokazu Tanaka – “Theme 03” – June 1989 – Bullet Proof Software/ Nintendo

*Tintin: Le Temple du Soleil ( Tintin – Prisoners of the Sun) – Alberto Gonzalez – “Title Screen” – Europe 1995 – Bit Managers/ Infogrames

*Metroid II: Return of Samus – Ryoji Yoshitomi – “Enter SR388” – November 1991 – Nintendo

*Gargoyle’s Quest – Harumi Fujita & Yoko Shimomura – “Breager’s Castle” – July 1990 – CAPCOM

*Kirby’s Dream Land – Jun Ishikawa – “Green Greens” – August 1992 – HAL Labs/ Nintendo

*Mega Man 3 – Kouji Murata – “Dr. Wily stage 2” – December 11, 1992 – Minakuchi Engineering/CAPCOM

*Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Fall of the Foot Clan – Michiru Yamane & Tomoko Nishikawa – “Stage 4” –
August 1990 – KONAMI

*Shantae (GBC) – Jacob Kaufman – “Bandit Town” – June 2, 2002 – WayForward Technologies/ CAPCOM

*Turok: Battle of the Bionosaurs – Alberto Jose Gonzalez – “Title Screen” – December 1, 1997 – Bit Managers/ Acclaim