Phobos Militia Hobbycast – 01- Lemmy’s Passing, The Hateful Eight, Destiny, Undertale & Jedi Outcast

Moving away from strictly gaming, VGBS has evolved into a Militia! In this inaugural episode, we go over the passing of Lemmy from Motorhead, the new Quentin Tarantino Flick The Hateful Eight, Destiny for current generation systems, Undertale on the PC and the old school PC game Jedi…

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The Game Machine: Star Wars Masters of Teräs Käsi Review

People love Star Wars, I mean they really love it. People also love fighting games because you can punch people and that is cool. Now lets combine them together and see if its still cool in this review of Star Wars Masters of Teräs Käsi on the Playstation.

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Top 5 Star Wars Games – Retro Edition

Star Wars is all that Hollywood is talking about right now, and we all know it holds a special place in the heart of gamers as well. In this video, I take a look at my Top 5 Star Wars Games, and only focus on the retro ones. Be sure to leave me your list below or on the video. Thank you for watching, liking the video, and subscribing to my channel!