Starfox (SNES) – How To Find The Secret Warps: The Black Hole & Out Of This Dimension

The Black Hole & Out Of This Dimension are the two hidden levels in Starfox (SNES), and you have to jump through some pretty weird hoops to be able to reach them – But it’s worth it.

Accessible via the Level 1 Asteroid Field, The Awesome Black Hole is a handy warp that can take you to areas much further in the game, while Out of This Dimension, reachable from Level 3’s Asteroid Belt is a weird and surreal area that is more like a mini-game than an actual level.

Needless to say, Fox and the Star Fox crew are going to need to keep cool heads on this mission!

Footage captured in glorious 1080p60 using an original system, connected via RGB cables to a Framemeister upscaling unit and captured through an Elgato Game Capture HD60 unit.

Starfox Review (1993, SNES) – Super FX Review

Introducing the first of many reviews of games with the Super FX chip inside is my Starfox review. This Super Nintendo game wowed the world with its extensive use of the legendary Super FX chip (occasionally known as the MARIO chip), allowing for polygonal graphics that were never before seen on the system.

Co-developed between Argonaut Software and Nintendo, Star Fox (or Starwing as it was known in Europe), find out if this unique space shooter was more than just a pretty face. It’s time to do a Barrel Roll for the very first time…again!

Sonic 2 Review (1992, SEGA Mega Drive/SEGA Genesis)

Sonic The Hedgehog is a series that defined the SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis, with it’s blazing fast gameplay and a marketable character with oodles of attitude.

Released on Sonic Twosday, this was the game that took Sonic to the next level, offering improvements on the original in every single way. In this Sonic The Hedgehog 2 review, I see how this platformer holds up today!

Mega Man X Review (SNES)

In this Mega Man X review, see if the Blue bomber’s 16-bit debut is an evolution of the classic NES games, or a digital abomination. Capcom’s series has seen many, many instalments over the years – Is this one of the good ones?

The DEFINITIVE Hori Super Game Boy Commander Guide

And so, I finish my gigantic look at the Super Game Boy, and Super Game Boy 2 with a look at the Hori Super Game Boy Commander – A pad made my Hori that was created to accompany the Super Gameboy and Super Gameboy 2.

Another Japan exclusive, not only does this controller function as a normal Super Nintendo controller, but when used with the Super Game Boy is enables features and functionality that cannot be accessed in any other way.

See the entire series, right here:

The DEFINITIVE Super Game Boy Guide – Part 2/3: The Super Game Boy 2 – A Complete Review & Analysis

In part two of my definitive guide to the Super Game Boy, we’re taking a look at the Super Game Boy 2 – A Japanese-exclusive version of the Super Nintendo peripheral that took the existing Super Game Boy and amped it up with a ton of useful new features, and a generally more authentic Game Boy experience overall.

Find out all of the Super Game Boy 2’s cheat codes, new features, and even a detailed comparison between both versions of the Super Game Boy, and an original DMG Game Boy!

Part 3 will be focusing on the Hori-made controller, specifically designed for use with the Super Game Boy 1 & 2!

All footage was captured using a PAL Super Nintendo Entertainment System, modified to output an NTSC 60Hz signal. While both a PAL and NTSC Super Game Boy are featured in this video, all footage was captured using an NTSC Super Game Boy. The SNES was connected to a XRGB-Mini Framemeister Upscaler unit through RGB SCART cables, all captured through an Elgato HD60 unit.

The DEFINITIVE Super Game Boy Guide – Part 1 of 3: The Super Game Boy – A Complete Review & Analysis

The Super Game Boy was one of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System’s best peripherals, giving people the power to play original Game Boy games on their television screens, with added features like more colours and better sound.

But that is nowhere near all of the things that were possible with the Super Game Boy. In this three-part series, I’ll be showing you everything you could possibly ever want to know about this unique peripheral, from its custom borders and colour palettes to games that supported Super Game Boy in the most incredible ways.

In this first part, we’re taking a detailed look at the original Super Game Boy – What it was, what it could do, and more (Including all of the known Super Game Boy cheats!).

Part 2 will be focusing on the Japanese-exclusive Super Game Boy 2!

All footage was captured using a PAL Super Nintendo Entertainment System, modified to output an NTSC 60Hz signal. While both a PAL and NTSC Super Game Boy are featured in this video, all footage was captured using an NTSC Super Game Boy. The SNES was connected to a XRGB-Mini Framemeister Upscaler unit through RGB SCART cables, all captured through an Elgato HD60 unit.

Mortal Kombat’s Blood Code – The Best Cheats In Videogames

This week, we’re looking at a cheat code that was so controversial, that it helped shape the face of videogame censorship.

I don’t know about you, but I sometimes long for the days when games were fit to burst with cheat codes – Series of button presses, passwords or unlockables that would allow the player to enable useful or completely useless effects while playing the game, from having infinite lives, to skipping levels, or even turning football referees into dogs (but that one’s a tale for another time). These sort of codes are becoming a rarity in modern gaming, so join me in celebrating these simpler times, as I take a regular look at gaming’s best secrets, and how you too can find them.

We begin with one of the most controversial cheat codes to ever exist, for one of the most controversial video games to ever exist.

The UK Top 10 SNES Games, August 1993 (The Retrogaming Chart Show, August 1993 Episode)

Welcome to the very first episode of the Retro Gaming Chart Show. Every month, I’ll be releasing one of these videos, taking a look at the gaming charts from a particular month gone by, as researched from a games magazine from that period.

In this August episode, I’m going to be taking a look at the UK SNES charts, as taken from the pages of the legendary Super Play’s 10th Issue, back in August 1993. So without further ado, here’s the Top 10 UK SNES releases:

Warioware Inc. Retro Review (GBA)

The Warioware series has been a cult favourite since it debuted on the Game Boy Advance in 2003. Now, it’s high time for my very own Warioware Inc. GBA review, as I take on one of the weirdest games to ever grace a Nintendo console…Or any other system, for that matter.

Warioware Inc.’s initial Game Boy Advance entry is as surreal as it gets, and would setup the premise for the rest of the series – Watch, and see if this game really holds up!

Boot Sale Pickups – Guns, Choppers and Disney!

I recently visited a boot sale and picked up some real bargains on some classic (and possibly not so classic) games! I don’t really collect games like I used to, but I do like a good bargain, and it’s always an excuse to discover new games to play.

This time around, I found a classic chopper game, a game based on a popular Disney film, and a very violent shooter – You won’t believe how much money I saved over eBay prices!

London Gaming Market #2 (Sunday 3rd April, 2016)

If you may remember, back in November I attended the London Gaming Market. Well, the Market returned once again in April, so I was there, camera in hand, so see what bargains there were to be found. While I was there, I spoke to a lot of great folks and had a really good time.

Once again, the Royal National Hotel in Russell Square, London, was the venue. This time around, a lot more thought had been put into making the most of the space, making for a far more pleasant event this time around. If you love videogames or boardgames, you’ll definitely want to attend one of these markets in future!

Watch this video to see who I spoke to, and what retrogaming goodies they purchased!

The London Gaming Market returns in July, so maybe I’ll see you there!

What Zelda Game Should I Play First?

A question I get asked quite a lot is from those that have somehow never played a Zelda game before. Yes, there are quite a few of you that have, for one reason or another, never indulged in the delights of wielding the Master Sword, exploring the world of Hyrule, or defeating Ganon.

But, you know it’s never too late. With Twilight Princess HD on the way and the Wii U Zelda game hopefully coming our way in 2016 – Now is the perfect time to brush up on your swordplay. Because I’m so lovely and nice, I did a little video a while ago, with my opinion on what games you newcomers should play to get a handle on why so many people love this series. Watch, enjoy, and subscribe to PugHoofGaming for more videos, just like this one!