In Defence of GEMS

    On the whole, sound engines aren’t something people tend to discuss. That’s perfectly understandable really: a sound engine is just a bit of code that allows composers to talk to the sound hardware contained in a console. Even in the relatively niche world of retro gaming…

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OOky-Spooky Halloween Fun: Devilish

    There are so many predictable choices for games to play over Halloween, aren’t there? Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Fatal Frame, Clock Tower. . . hang on, I appear to just be listing random “survival horror” titles here, but you get my point. Let’s look at something…

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My Thoughts on Sonic Mania


  So after a tremendous amount of build up, Sonic Mania has finally been released. The first “proper” Sonic game in over 20 years, this should naturally be right up every aged Sonic fan’s alley. I can’t say I’m quite as enamoured as everyone else seems to be,…

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Cool Spot Pt. 1: Too Cool For School

  So now it’s time to dive into another part of what I’ve privately dubbed “The Harold Trilogy”. Last time on the Sega Genesis, Harold played one of his “childhood favorites”, Global Gladiators, and it was…certainly an experience. And NOW he’s back with another of his Genesis favorites,…

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Sonic 2 Review (1992, SEGA Mega Drive/SEGA Genesis)

Sonic The Hedgehog is a series that defined the SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis, with it’s blazing fast gameplay and a marketable character with oodles of attitude.

Released on Sonic Twosday, this was the game that took Sonic to the next level, offering improvements on the original in every single way. In this Sonic The Hedgehog 2 review, I see how this platformer holds up today!

The Megadrive Sound Challenge!

Skirmish Frogs! I’m currently writing a pretty long article, and to illustrate one of the points I thought i’d make a short video. I wanted to quickly illustrate the fact that the Megadrive games tended to use both the Megadrive’s FM synthesiser chip and the Master System’s Programmable…

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