Mega Man X Review (SNES)

In this Mega Man X review, see if the Blue bomber’s 16-bit debut is an evolution of the classic NES games, or a digital abomination. Capcom’s series has seen many, many instalments over the years – Is this one of the good ones?

Retro Revival Road Trip – Mega Man Cartoon & Game Retrospective

saturdaymorning_megamanHey everyone…Some of you may know that I do a Saturday morning/weekday cartoon retrospect show over at Youtube (if you did’nt, well then whats keeping you from watching?) and wanted to share one particular episode that I just completed. Reason why I’m posting it here is that it not only covers the Mega Man Cartoon from the 90’s but I also dwell into the character’s origin, all the while some pretty cool hand selected, tunes play in the background (You might even recognize one of the people that helped with the tracks).


I love this character, and dug up as much info to compliment it and the cartoons/television shows that influenced its creation.

I hope you enjoy it… and maybe soon, I’ll cover other video game related cartoon shows 😉

My Top 30 NES Games

With the announcement of the Nintendo Classic Mini this morning (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, check the link) and the list of games that will come built-in, I was surprised at how many of them would probably be on my personal top 30 NES games, which…

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Retro VGM Revival Hour: BONUS STAGE 3


It’s that time again here at the Retro VGM Revival hour, where you, the fellow listener, have entered another BONUS STAGE.

Time to take a little break from the action and distract yourself with something to reward your progress thus far.

These are just a selection of random tracks of the past and present as a reward for showing much love and respect to the art of Video Game Music.

So sit back and Listen to some amazing tracks to get you excited to take on whatever lies a head.


Track List:
Game – Composer – Title – Year – Company – System

1.) UnderTale – Toby Fox – “Death by Glamour, Spider Dance & Bonetrousle
” – September 15, 2015 – tobyfox – Windows & Mac OS X

2.) Dragon Ball Z II: Gekishin Frieza – Takeshi Ichida – “Space Map & Gravity Machine – August 10, 1991 (Japan Only) – TOSE/Bandai – NES (Famicom)

3.) Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam – Yōko Shimomura – “Big Bang! (Boss Theme)” – January 22, 2016- AlphaDream/Nintendo – 3DS

4.) Super Spy Hunter – Naoki Kodaka, Nobuyuki Hara & Shinichi Seya – “Ending (Staff Roll)” – September 27, 1991 – Sunsoft – NES

5.) Borderlands 2 (Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep DLC) – Raison Varner, Sascha Dikiciyan, Cris Velasco, Kevin Riepl & Jesper Kyd – “Battling the Handsome Sorcerer” – September 18, 2012 (original game)/June 25, 2013 (DLC release date) – Gearbox Software/2K Games – PC,PS3,Xbox 360, Playstation Vita, OS X & Linux

6.) Project X Zone 2 – Yuzo Koshiro – “You Will Know Our Names” – November 12, 2015 – Monolith Soft/Bandai Namco Entertainment – 3DS

7.) Mega Man Battle & Chase – Yoshinori Ono – “Over The Top (Theme of Rockman/Mega Man)” – March 20, 1997 – Capcom – Sony Playstation, PS2 & Gamecube (as part of the Mega Man X collection

8.) Super Street Fighter 2 TURBO – Isao Abe & Syun Nishigaki – “Cammy’s Theme- November 13, 1994 – Capcom/Panasonic – Panasonic 3DO

9.) Super Turrican – Manfred Trenz (which David Whittaker helped by giving Manfred his sound driver) (Arranged Originally by Chris Hülsbeck & Markus Siebold) – “Title Screen & Stages 2-3/4-2″ – 1992 (Europe Only) – Rainbow Arts/Imagineer – NES

10.) Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number – Magna – “Divide“ – March 10, 2015 – Dennaton Games/Devolver Digital – Windows, OS X, PS3, PS4, Playstation Vita & Android

11.) The Adventures of Batman & Robin – Jesper Kyd – “Boss Battle (Robo Cheshire Cat) & Boss Battle (Harley Quinn)“ – 1995 – Clockwork Tortoise/SEGA – Sega Genesis

12.) Freedom Planet – Leila Wilson, Stephen DiDuro & Shane Ellis – “Final Dreadnought 1″ – July 21, 2014 – GalaxyTrail – Windows, OS X, Linux & Wii U

13.) God Hand – Masafumi Takada – “Sunset Heroes & God Hand (English)” – September 14, 2006 – Clover Studio/Capcom – PS2

14.) Mario Strikers Charged – Mike Peacock, Darren Radtke, Chad York, Scott McFadyen & Davor Vulama – “Peach’s Theme & Daisy’s Theme” – July 30, 2007 – Next Level Games/Nintendo – Nintendo Wii