Review A Great Game Day 2016: DuckTales

Life may be like a hurricane in Duckburg, but it’s more like a gentle breeze when you’re sitting there playing DuckTales for the NES. The classic platformer based on Disney’s animated series sees you guide Scrooge McDuck on his quest for–what else–treasure. With adjustable difficulty, and optional powerups,…

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Trel’s Let’s Play Corner: Maui Mallard in Cold Shadow

This is a game I had as a kid that I really enjoyed. I only ever had the SNES version, but it was also released on PC, Sega Genesis, and Game Boy.

I feel this is the superior version. I tried playing the others, but found them unenjoyable.

Since this is my first real LP involving my stream, this is where we begin to see my links to social media throughout the videos themselves since I cross-promote myself on the stream.

As mentioned above, I tried played the Genesis (The PC version is identical, except for graphics and sound, which are better) and the Game Boy version. These are unedited from my secondary Trelstreams Youtube channel.

WARNING: I get almost over the top angry at later stages of the Genesis version. You have been warned.