Boot Sale Pickups – Guns, Choppers and Disney!

I recently visited a boot sale and picked up some real bargains on some classic (and possibly not so classic) games! I don’t really collect games like I used to, but I do like a good bargain, and it’s always an excuse to discover new games to play.

This time around, I found a classic chopper game, a game based on a popular Disney film, and a very violent shooter – You won’t believe how much money I saved over eBay prices!

Retro News Round Up – May 2016

This month’s retro gaming round up includes a handheld Commodore 64, a shiny remake of Ratchet & Clank, and a brand new section dedicated to titles long thought lost.

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This episode’s links:

IndieGoGo for THE 64:

Kickstarter for the Nintendo 64 Anthology:

Kickstarter for Box Art – A Gaming Documentary:

Kickstarter for a documentary on Earthbound Beginnings and the unreleased game market:

Kickstarter for a documentary on composer Dave Lowe:

More on the Retro Receiver:

More on the WSC Wonderdog V3:

More info on the Starforce Neo:

Coleco Chameleon Creator Mike Kennedy’s account of events surrounding the ill-fated console:

All the games from this year’s SMS Power coding competition:

All the games from this year’s RGCD C64 Cartridge Development Competition:

Super Monaco GP +6FG on the C64:

Husband Chores for the ZX Spectrum:

Invasive Species for the ZX Spectrum:

Lupo Alberto for the ZX Spectrum:

Deep Core Raider for the ZX Spectrum:

Mr Vintik for the ZX Spectrum:

Bomb on Basic City for the Mega Drive:

Oubilette for the Amiga:

The Beavis and Butthead arcade game at the Galloping Ghost Arcade:

More on the unnamed Neo Geo fighting game:

Fan translation for SNES platformer The Amazing Spider-Man: Lethal Foes:

London Gaming Market #2 (Sunday 3rd April, 2016)

If you may remember, back in November I attended the London Gaming Market. Well, the Market returned once again in April, so I was there, camera in hand, so see what bargains there were to be found. While I was there, I spoke to a lot of great folks and had a really good time.

Once again, the Royal National Hotel in Russell Square, London, was the venue. This time around, a lot more thought had been put into making the most of the space, making for a far more pleasant event this time around. If you love videogames or boardgames, you’ll definitely want to attend one of these markets in future!

Watch this video to see who I spoke to, and what retrogaming goodies they purchased!

The London Gaming Market returns in July, so maybe I’ll see you there!

Retro News Round Up – April 2016

This month’s Retro News Round Up includes another nail being put into the coffin of the Coleco Chameleon, the possible discovery of an emulator for the SNES-CD, and a load of classic games being bought to the 3DS.

This episode’s links:

More on the SNES CD discovery:

The box of copies of Stadium Events for the NES:

Retro Protect manual sleeves:

More on those anti-aliasing hacks for N64 games:

Download Spaceman Splorf: Planet of Doom for the Commodore 64:

Download GB Mines for the Game Boy:

Download Virtua Worm for the Mega Drive:

Download Wing Warriors for the MSX:

Buy a copy of Germ Squashers for the NES:

Buy Chief Chef for the Odyssey 2:

Download the APK of a HD remake of Salamander for Android devices:

English translation for Amagon for NES:

English translation for Double Dragon 3: The Rosetta Stone for NES:

English translation for Rainbow Silkroad for NES:

English translation for Perman: Return the Space Saucer for NES:

English translation for The Trolls in Crazyland for NES:

English translation for Super Connard for the Game Boy:

GameRaveTV Ep. 68: PlayStation VR

Series: GameRaveTV

Jason brings up 6 PlayStation original games that need to be brought up to PS VR. Subscribe and Join the Fun! Support GameRaveTV and Get Cool Stuff Download GameRaveTV’s Opening / Ending Credits at: © 2014 All Original Content © Jason Dvorak…

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Sticky Bleachers Remembers the Chicago American Giants and the Cincinnati Clowns

The Sticky Bleachers Negro Leagues series continues with the Giants visiting the short-lived home of the Cincinnati/Indianapolis Clowns. The home team hangs a six-spot in the bottom of the first, but their bats go cold after the initial flurry. Chicago takes it in a sandlot-rules 10-run victory in seven innings.

Our Negro Leagues series is dedicated to remembering those who played before the game was open to all.

Games are simulated on R.B.I. Baseball for NES with a Negro Leagues 1943 roster patch by Baron von Lector.

Special thanks to Baseball Reference, find rosters for both teams at the following links:

For more information about the Negro Leagues, visit the Negro Leagues Baseball Muesum:

Title card logo designs by txranger, knuckler, & DCHepler25 from the OOTP Forums:

Called by Cory and Bobby of Sticky Bleachers