Retro News Round Up – April 2019

In this month’s Retro News Round Up there’s a musical Amiga celebration, ninja gardeners, and some bloke called Turok. Follow me on Twitter: Like Retro Revisited on Facebook: This episode’s links: Titled Amiga Power – The Album with Attitude Kickstarter: The Spectranet: Ninja Gardening…

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I SUCK at U.N. Squadron on #SNES | Nate’s RetroPlays

Playing U.N. Squadron on the Super Nintendo for the #RGBHighScore challenge.

To learn more about it, head over to Twitter and find @RetroGameBrews!


NOTE: Season 2 of the RGBHighScore challenge is over as of event is over on March 25. If you are watching after, you can stay tuned to @retrogamebrews Twitter for details on Season 3!