I SUCK at U.N. Squadron on #SNES | Nate’s RetroPlays

Playing U.N. Squadron on the Super Nintendo for the #RGBHighScore challenge.

To learn more about it, head over to Twitter and find @RetroGameBrews!

LINK: https://twitter.com/Retrogamebrews

NOTE: Season 2 of the RGBHighScore challenge is over as of event is over on March 25. If you are watching after, you can stay tuned to @retrogamebrews Twitter for details on Season 3!


Kaisercade: The Last Reviewer on EARTH! Episode #0 – Deleted Scenes Special

The debut episode of Kaisercade is here and he is opening up the show with a Deleted Scenes Special?  Yup, indeed I am.  Hi, I’m James T. Kaiser and welcome to the 0th episode of Kaisercade.  What is Kaisercade? Well, it is a show about games just like that of something that you used to see on G4 but with a much cheaper budget. What can you expect from it? You can expect reviews, cheats, video game media, and more!

What’s in this episode other than cheap host segments? There’s a review for Endorlight for the PC, some cheat segments, and lastly a Video Game Media segment on a Virtua Fighter VHS released by Shonen Jump/V-Jump… No! They weren’t cut from future episodes because they were crudmeat! Watch the show to find out why, in this exciting(?) episode of Kaisercade: The Last Reviewer of EARTH!… Oh yeah!  This show also takes place in the deep future.

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