Dino Brewster is your friendly PAL for exploring the elusive library of NES games released in Europe and Australia. He has never done anything like this before, and aims to tackle all 40-ish of those titles that the USA never got to see. Some will be good, some will be bad, many will be strange, most are bloody expensive. twitter: @DinoBrewster

Might and Magic II: Gates To Another World – YourSnesPAL Review

Series: YourSnesPAL

Developer: Iguana Entertainment Publisher: Elite Systems Released: 1993 Early Western RPGs were created with the expressed purpose of acting out people’s Dungeons and Dragons fever dreams without the imposition of people. The computer supersedes the gamemaster, and the first-person graphics replace the total reliance on imagination. Although there…

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Syvalion – YourSnesPAL Review

Developer: Taito Publisher: JVC Released: 1993 Syvalion (pronounced sigh-VALL-ee-uhn, as the title screen voice-sample says for us) is a shooter released in arcades in 1988, and by this point in arcade games, anything goes. The ship you control is a robotic dragon with a segmented body that trails…

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Mad Max: Review a Bad Game Day

Region: NTSC Developer: Gray Matter Publisher: Mindscape Released: July 1990 Looking at ‘bad’ NES games usually results in the same few answers: LJN, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Kid Kool, Color Dreams, most movie games, Silver Surfer and Deadly Towers. I’m willing to give most things a chance,…

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