A let's player on Twitch/Youtube. Primarily a retro gamer, though he occasionally showcases more modern games.

Trel Plays Pokemon Stadium Episode 1

This is a stream I decided to turn into an LP on the drop of a hat. I’ll be starting with Gym Leader Castle since it seems like the most fitting place to start.

This series is beginning with Round 2 because Round 1 had far too shallow of a difficulty curve.

The Pokemon used on my team were generated using a Red, Blue, and Yellow save editor. I mostly did this for convenience.

Without further ado, enjoy the show!

Skirmish Frogs Chat Server!

I’ve had an idea for doing a community chat since the day we launched the site. Now that I’ve gotten Top Frog’s go-ahead, I’ve gone and made a Discord chat server for us to use as a community!

“What’s Discord?” I hear you asking, it’s a chat service in the vein of programs like Vent and Team Speak where you have access to an IRC-like chat room as well as voice chat that you can use if you so desire. I figured since something like this is free to have and use from a user and admin standpoint, that we could use this.

“Why not use Skype?” I can also hear you croak. I feel this is a much better alternative to Skype since there’s no need to exchange contact information, as well as having access to multiple voice chats all at once.

“How do I use Discord?” A fine question! You can go to their website and sign up (totally free, the dev team made this specifically as a free alternative) and you have the convenience of running it in your browser, in the standalone desktop app, or even on your Android or iPhone.

I urge all of the frogs to at least check it out!

Thanks for your time! <- Server invite link

Trel’s Let’s Play Corner: Earthbound

This is a series I did out of order from what I originally had planned. I was almost entirely blind for this series, and it only proved to highlight why I don’t like doing blind runs for my main channel.

All in all, I think it went well.

Strap in, folks. This one’s pretty long.

Trel’s Let’s Play Corner: Maui Mallard in Cold Shadow

This is a game I had as a kid that I really enjoyed. I only ever had the SNES version, but it was also released on PC, Sega Genesis, and Game Boy.

I feel this is the superior version. I tried playing the others, but found them unenjoyable.

Since this is my first real LP involving my stream, this is where we begin to see my links to social media throughout the videos themselves since I cross-promote myself on the stream.

As mentioned above, I tried played the Genesis (The PC version is identical, except for graphics and sound, which are better) and the Game Boy version. These are unedited from my secondary Trelstreams Youtube channel.

WARNING: I get almost over the top angry at later stages of the Genesis version. You have been warned.

Trel’s Let’s Play Corner: Startropics

Top Frog’s favorite game!

I get the feeling that my attempt to do the game more justice the second time around really didn’t do it any justice at all.


NOTE: The intro and outro card is for  a now-defunct let’s play group that I started with someone I am no longer on good terms with. That being said, I may redo this project again to remove that blemish from my (easily) publicly viewable available catalog.

Trel’s Let’s Play Corner: Mega Man X

Hey guys, Trelior here! You can call me Trel though. I’m a let’s player on Youtube and Twitch that likes to play all kinds of games.

I figured I would bring some of my work here to share with you guys. I admit that it’s not very good, but I enjoy making these videos anyway. That’s all that matters, right?

This is my first series back to doing videos after taking some time away, in case you’re wondering why I’m starting with project 14.

I hope you enjoy!

In the interest of being succinct, I’ll only be sharing my playlists of old projects.