Jeffrey Wittenhagen

Come join my madness! I am an award winning published writer and holder of multiple video game records. My book, The Complete NES, was funded via Kickstarter and I have many more on the way! I produce a lot of different content including VGBS Gaming Podcast, One Life Wife and Single Credit Reviews. A one stop shop for all of your needs!

VGBS 40 – Starting a PlayChoice 10 Collection & Getting Creative Setting Up a Game Room – Voicemail and Text Hotline: (262) 264-VGBS

In episode 40 we concentrate on some specialized greatness! We first cover the bucketlist collecting mentality, then we pick Daria’s brain on her favorite NES/Famicom RPGs. We go over gaming forum thread shenanigans and cover some NES multiplayer madness. Then we go into detail on how to deal…

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VGBS 39 – Standout Famicom RPGs & New NES Homebrew Pickups – Voicemail and Text Hotline: (262) 264-VGBS

VGBS consistent? We will see how long that lasts! In this episode we cover NES Homebrew Pickups, the Friday the 13th Kickstarter, FFVII Horror Stories, Famicom RPG Gems and Unreleased NES Gems. Definitely a great episode! Also, listen carefully for a hilarious commercial spot from our buddy Eric…

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Phobos Militia Hobbycast – 01- Lemmy’s Passing, The Hateful Eight, Destiny, Undertale & Jedi Outcast

Moving away from strictly gaming, VGBS has evolved into a Militia! In this inaugural episode, we go over the passing of Lemmy from Motorhead, the new Quentin Tarantino Flick The Hateful Eight, Destiny for current generation systems, Undertale on the PC and the old school PC game Jedi…

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