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The History of WWE Games – Micro League Wrestling (C64)

I’ve set out on the daunting task of combing through the complete history of WWF/WWE video games that span over 30 years. It’s a LOT to cover, but should keep me busy for a long time. When researching the history of the series, I always thought that the first WWF game was on the Nintendo Entertainment System.

I was wrong.

Before the NES and other console wrestling games, the World Wrestling Federation licensed their first video game on a home computer. This takes a look at Micro League Wrestling, a turn based strategy game for the Commodore 64.


As I continue to plug away at the project at hand, I thought I’d show some of my earlier work for those who have yet to see it. This was my first hand at making YouTube videos, and it focused on multi-carts from days gone by. I had dabbled in a few of these carts over the years, with my favorite being Super 190-in-1.

But, multi-carts weren’t always as they seemed, and more often than not, that was the case. Have a watch!