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Kindle – Untold History

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Just a quick update to bring you news of the Kindle version of John Szczepaniak’s Untold History of Japanese Game Development volume 2. Buy it now here: Amazon US Amazon UK   For more on the Storybundle Mega Games Bundle, click here. For our interview with the author,…

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Collecting Dreams – an update

If you read my earlier post “Collecting Dreams” about the Ultimate Dreamcast Collector’s Guide then I have some bad news. Tom Charnock and the Dreamcast Junkyard received a “cease and desist” notice from Sega Europe. The Guide was deemed to be an unlicensed use of trademarks, and the site…

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Collecting Dreams

The Dreamcast may have been a brief shooting star, but in its trail came the collectors. With a wide range of titles and a fascinating array of peripherals, there is plenty for the dedicated to track down. I was lucky enough to win my Dreamcast in a raffle…

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