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The More You Know: Cassette Vision

So only one channel on Earth (and presumably other planets too) is allowed to ask a question about games that starts with “Did you know…..?” Where is that rule written down? To heck with that and so I’m bringing out a new episode of The More You Know Gaming! This time lets take a look at the Cassette Vision as well as the CV Junior and Super CV. All made by Epoch, who should get a lot more credit than it does. Epoch is kind of like the Oswald the Lucky Rabbit of gaming. They had so many firsts in the industry. Including the first LCD and LED games in Japan and the first cart based systems. The also invented card readers and motion control games, all before Nintendo, who ends up getting all the fame. Doesn’t it just burn you? Well as you’ll see in the video, the Cassette Vision held its own against the Big N for a while, but eventually gave up and moved on to greener pastures, but left behind one legacy that still to this day, hasn’t been forgotten. What is it? Check the video to find out!

Famicom Mini Unboxing

  PS4 Pro? Whats that? Its been a long wait, but for those of us in Japan, you could say Christmas comes one day early, as today, 10th November the Japanese equivalent officially called the Nintendo Classic Mini Family Computer, of just Famicom Mini for short. For a…

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Before you read Viz’s Super Mario Adventures, take a look at this!

Today October 12th sees the reissue of the Nintendo Power Comics, “Super Mario Adventures” printed by Viz media. A fine collection for sure. At the same time as we read these, there were weekly comics going on in Japan based on the current Mario games of the time. They are weird, funny, cute, crazy and sometimes veer towards M rated territory.

As well, Monday this week saw the 28th anniversary of the American release of Super Mario Bros. 2! So in honor of that, I’ve chosen the comic based on that game to feature in this video.

Tell me what you think! As good, better or worse than what was in Nintendo Power?


The annual live Pikachu show!

This Summer brought us another annual Pikachu show! Every year dancers, and Pikachu trainers train and practice hard to perform live for one week every year. The event is held in Yokohama, and in malls and parks 1000 Pikachu are let out of their Pokeballs and run free.

The show is over, but if you take a trip to Japan next year in mid-August, try to check it out!


Take a Tour of The Dragon Quest Museum (with video)

This special exhibit was open in the summer in Tokyo, and featured all kinds of amazing, specially made items from the Dragon Quest series. It was known as Dragon Warrior for the first few games released in the USA. I had all 4 of those games, but I didn’t know anyone else who did, thats for sure.

In here you will see full sized Loto’s sword and armor, painting, dioramas, music and Dragon Quest themed food as well.

The thing that I loved the most was that they had original hand drawn maps and designs from 30 years ago that were used when programming the game.

It reopens in Osaka next month, but save yourself some airfare and take a tour right now!

10 days left to fund 8-bit carts on iOS or android

The mini NES has opened up a lot of talk, and a lot of top 30 lists as well. The one downer that I think everyone will agree with is that there won’t be a cart slot. Imagine if there was, imagine mini carts that could plug in and expand the machine.

Flying a little under the radar, there’s a crowdfunding campaign in Japan to do just that, but for iPhones and android phones; miniature cartridges that bring you back to the “good old days.” It ends in just 10 days, it’s at about 45% at this time, so it’s likely that it will not happen. But, check out this 3 minute video and dream what might be…