I'm a life-long gamer with broad interests, but been mostly platformers and RPGs. I've taken up speed running of late - perhaps because it takes the great gameplay of older games and adds in the challenge, competition, and community of newer ones. Beyond that , I'm a 30-year-old Christian, software developer, husband, and father of three from Colorado. If you like my stuff, please consider throwing me a follow on Twitch and/or Twitter!

It’s Mega Man Week!!!

How excited I was to see that this week is MEGA MAN week here at Skirmish Frogs!  I’m excited to see all the fantastic Mega Man content that our writers come up with. To celebrate this momentous occasion, I will be doing speed runs of ALL 6 NES Mega…

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Get Yourself Speedrunning!

It comes as no surprise to anyone who has read any of my posts already that I love speed running. I’m not sure how much interest this has piqued in the community here overall, but if you have any desire in doing some of that yourself, then you have an…

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Re-living Super Metroid

As those of you who read my Top 100 Games list know, Super Metroid is one of my all time favorite games. Everything about it is almost perfect.  The environments, the controls, the music, the enemies, the puzzles… everything! It was one of the earliest games to truly…

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