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Let’s celebrate old video games together!

Skirmish Frogs is a collaborative retro gaming website. Our team aims to create new, quality content on the topic of classic games. We hope to foster positive community interaction.

Do you want to join our team?

First, please note: This is not a paying gig. We are just a casual blog community. Think of Skirmish Frogs as less of a publishing platform and more of a retro gaming hangout spot. It is a paradigm shift.

But this also means that there is no pitch required, and we do not have editors, nor deadlines. You will simply be provided with a log-in and be able to post your own material right away.

We enjoy retro-gaming-centric content, and would like to see more. If you believe you can help, and the idea of a positive community appeals to you, simply contact our Top Frog, Eric Bailey, by emailing thenintendolegend@gmail.com.

In fact, you should pretty much contact him for any reason you could possibly have that would be related to this website. Do you want to advertise, sponsor, or link-build with us? Have you spotted a bug, or have other site feedback? A quick question? Whatever the case, go ahead, just click that email link, or maybe hit me up on Twitter @EricVBailey.

Meet our mascot, Skermit The Frog!


He is great.

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