Retro News Round Up – April 2019

In this month’s Retro News Round Up there’s a musical Amiga celebration, ninja gardeners, and some bloke called Turok.

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This episode’s links:

Titled Amiga Power – The Album with Attitude Kickstarter:

The Spectranet:

Ninja Gardening Simulator for the ZX Spectrum:

Moritz to the Moon for the ZX Spectrum:

Dragonfire ZX for the ZX Spectrum:

Atlantis ZX for the ZX Spectrum:

Bruce Lee – Return of Fury for the Commodore 64:

Boulder Dash Senior for the Commodore 64:

Age of Heroes for the Commodore 64:

Aminer on the Commodore Amiga:

ModSurfer on the Amiga:

Celtic Heart for the Amiga:

Bridge Strike for the Amiga:

Berks 4 for the Atari XL/XE:

Adventure Ponies for the Atari XL/XE:

Scramble for the Amstrad CPC:

Alcon for the Amstrad CPC:

Old Towers on the Mega Drive:

Mojonian Tales for the NES:

Stunt Car Racer for the BBC Master:

Build of the unreleased World Warrior for the Amiga:

Prototype of Fantastic Dizzy for the Mega Drive:

Fan translation of Panorama Cotton for the Mega Drive:

Fan translation of Burn! Judo Warriors for the NES:

Fan translation of Nishijin Pachinko 2 for the SNES:

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