Chiptune Favorites | Bayou Billy, Ninja Gaiden and Final Fantasy

The Adventures of Bayou Billy for the NES | BGM B Music

The Adventures of Bayou Billy is a multi-genre adventure game for the original Nintendo console. Not only featuring many different ways to play, the game has a unique and fun chiptune soundtrack. The song BGM B is a great example – listen along and be transported to the Bayou!

Ninja Gaiden for the NES | Act 5 Part 1 Music

Ninja Gaiden for the Nintendo Entertainment System is a source of some of the best chiptune music on the console. Act 5 Part 1 is no exception and is a killer song for one of the best ninja games of all time.

Final Fantasy for the NES | Opening Theme

The soundtrack for the the original Final Fantasy on the NES was composed by Nobuo Uematsu, who later went onto compose chiptune soundtracks for such classics such as Chrono Trigger and many other Final Fantasy games. The opening theme from this game is an amazing masterpiece for the Nintendo Entertainment System and was presented to the player as they transitioned out of the starting area.

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