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Busy is the word on my mind today. Everything is going so fast that it seems like I can’t keep up with most of it. Artistic creations, work, eating and sleeping is all but the norm for me these days. What is one thing that would spice it up and make it interesting for me? Extraterrestrials. Yes, it’s one of the many things I think about besides what I’m going to have for dinner tonight, no lie. I’m always wondering if us humans are alone in this universe and if we aren’t then what could possibly be on the other side of this planet? With that being said I also look into games that have this very subject written within it. One of them being Zero Tolerance. I was very young when this came out in 1994 and even though it was to be played by an older generation, it didn’t stop me from wanting to play. I am just happy that we had a Sega Genesis (I felt like a popular kid) and was able to make this idea come to fruition.

The basic synopsis for the game is that this ship called Eupora-1 from the Planet Defense Corps (I guess?) is attacked by this unknown alien monster with his or her own individual goons and you’re part of the Zero Tolerance (an elite squad) of well trained commandos that has to go in to not only defeat the monster but clear each area as they come. Not too bad right? Not at all. BUT back in the day, YES it was very hard to go through each level, try to memorize where each exit was and clear out and I do mean clear out everyone and everything. The picture to the left pretty much describes what I looked like during that time frame. It also gave me nightmares. Esh.


I believe I still have a small notebook containing all the passwords to each level. Those were gold to me. In a era where there wasn’t save files and took many hours to achieve, yes I will hold onto them dearly. I’m sure some people would agree with me.

Looking back on this game I realized that there was really nothing to be afraid of. The aliens weren’t really scary as some of the games I see today. I also have to take into consideration that we didn’t really have great technology at the time and game developers where always looking for the best way to scare us. Let’s just say they did their best to insert fear into it. You know me though, I like basic programming and just basic everything. So when I really look at it that’s what killed the scare factor for me. Surely it’s what capture my heart and I’m not sure if my opinion would ever change regardless what I say on this here post. Maybe something breathtaking might do so but until then I’ll stay plain and boring. No shame.

On another note, the music was neutral and didn’t really put much emotion to me, which by the way I am always on the lookout for. The first level music is really catchy though. I love it and it’s actually on my music player, hehe. So no bad mouthing about some of it. The game play on the other hand held it’s own magic. The controls weren’t glitchy and did it’s job pretty well. I just wish there was more weapons to use and give it more variety. With weapons I like to choose something a little more snipey if you catch my drift. That definitely would of made it more exciting.  At least for me, I think? I can’t complain because this game is still one of my favorite shooters to this day. It’s what started my love for first-person shooters and I’m hoping in the future we will come back to this and remake some of the older games into something new and thrilling. I wouldn’t mind seeing this on the store shelves to be honest. I’m ecstatic for this and it hasn’t even been remade yet or has it? That question will remain forever.

I didn’t realize there was 40 levels (which it never felt like I was playing that many) and a link cable for the Sega Genesis that would enable Multiplayer.

I feel like an idiot :/

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