Chiptune Favorites | Castlevania Bloodlines, Mega Man 3 and Ninja Gaiden

Castlevania Bloodlines for #Sega Megadrive | Bloody Tears

Castlevania games are known for having amazing musical arrangements and the Sega Genesis entry called Castlevania Bloodlines is no exception. The iconic song Bloody Tears is an exceptional chiptune song and always gets the vampire hunting blood going!

Mega Man 3 for #NES | Start Screen

One of my favorite Chiptune songs from a video game is from the intro screen on Mega Man 3 on the Nintendo Entertainment System. The blue bomber has some seriously killer musical tracks in his games!

Ninja Gaiden for #NES | Act 3 Stage 1 Music

Another of my favorite Chiptune songs from a video game is Act 3 Stage 1 on the original Ninja Gaiden on the Nintendo Entertainment System. You can’t help but feel like a pumped up ninja fighter listening to this music!

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