Chiptune Favorites | The Goonies 2, Double Dragon and Friday the 13th

The Goonies 2 for NES | The Goonies ‘R’ Good Enough

For The Goonies 2 on the NES, the game developers created a wonderful 8-bit chiptune music version of the song The Goonies ‘R’ Good Enough from the movie. This captures the feel of the original song on the Nintendo Entertainment System’s hardware perfectly!

Double Dragon for #NES | Stage 1

The music from Stage 1 of Double Dragon is super amazing and iconic beat ’em up chiptunes. It always has a way of pumping me up and getting ready to fight through this game! Good stuff for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Friday the 13th for #NES | Cabin Music

The game Friday the 13th for the NES has some really moody and atmospheric Chiptune Music that always gets me into the game and thoroughly creeped out. The Cabin Theme music is a great example of this and tons of fun to listen too!

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