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Intellivision Entertaiment Revival

The original Intellivision.

A couple days ago, Tommy Tallarico (@TommyTallarico) had a really extensive live chat with Brian from @Brians_man_cave about what is happening with his company Intellivision Entertainment.  Essentially, they are looking to revive the Intellivision name with a new console of sorts.  It sounds like it will incorporate old Intellivision games as well as have the ability to play new games.

The video is a great source of information about where the project is at.  Along with that, it is a great way to see how passionate Tommy is about this project. Tons of fun stories about how his experience gaming as a kid, on Intellivision no less, and other stories from his years in the gaming industry. Of course, passion isn’t everything, but I feel like this project is off to a better start than the AtariVCS retro ‘revival’ that is happening right now as well (or trying to happen…).

Here are the key points taken away from the 2 hour chat (these were distilled from a very detail oriented Reddit user and the original can be found HERE).  Based on these details, the project sounds both ambitious AND awesome!  Here is hoping most of it becomes a reality.

Some key takeaways:

  • System will not be called “Intellivision.” It will be called “Intellivision: something

  • All games will be exclusive

  • All games will have quality control. Game must be a 7/10 to be allowed on the console.

  • Details will come on October 1.

  • Developers are being paid upfront.

  • Will hold system release until is “perfect.”

  • Will cost “way under” $200. Specifically mentions it’s under $180.

  • Will have an emulator for all original Intellivision that they can obtain licenses for. Games will come on the system. Expects not many buyers will be interested in this feature.

  • Focus on sequels to classic titles.

  • Will come with two wireless bluetooth controllers, USB ports, HDMI, SD card reader, jzintv emulator, seven free updated popular games, including Baseball, Astrosmash, Night Stalker, and Shark Shark.

  • New Utopia will be sold down the road.

  • Will not play ROMs from SD card.

  • Games purchased from Intellivision store will only work on the console it was purchased on.

  • New games will cost $3-$7.

  • Intellivision Entertainment will absorb Intellivision Productions.

  • No crowdfunding, no-preorder consumer campaign. Focusing on retail pre-orders.

  • The controller will be “flat like a cellphone” and the disk is moving over.

  • Ridge around disk on controller will be removed.

  • Will not have physical overlays. You will be able to “see and interact with the overlays.” (Sounds like Tommy is heavily implying that controllers will have a touch screen.)

  • The manufacturer of the console is a U.S.-based “well known” company.

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