What Was Your Favorite First RPG?

I asked a simple question on Twitter… What was your favorite first RPG?

Of course, everyone was more than happy to share their answers! I wanted to share some of my favorite answers here!

These are in no particular order and I apologize if I don’t highlight your answer, there were a ton to sort through. These are just a few that I grabbed to share for fun!

The Legend of Zelda

I saw quite a few mentions of The Legend of Zelda for the NES. Naturally, I can’t argue with this choice as it is one of my most favorite games of all time!

Phantasy Star

There were a quite a few mentions of the Phantasy Star series so Sega was not forgotten on this topic. Phantasy Star spanned a multitude of systems, starting with the original game on the 8-bit Sega Master System.

Final Fantasy

As you can see in the original question, my first choice was Final Fantasy on the NES. There were quite a few people who seconded that notion, as well as plenty of other mentions of other games in the series. The series started on the 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System and is still going strong with the latest entry (#15) just being released on this generation of consoles.

Dragon Warrior (or Dragon Quest)

Many of us older gamers got our first big experience with RPGs when we got a free copy of Dragon Warrior with our subscription to Nintendo Power. It was a pretty spectacular deal and the game was a wonderful experience to play. The game went onto produce many more games and is still active today.


Here are some other great choices made! I have played many of these, but not all – it is a good selection of unique games in the RPG genre that are worth checking out.

There you have it, a great assortment of user recommended RPGs to go check out the next time you are looking for something fun to play. Thanks to everyone who commented on this Twitter question!

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