Retro News Round Up – June 2018

In this month’s retro news round up Nintendo say no to the Virtual Console, Mega Man gets a mega celebration, and Ikaruga blasts onto the Switch.

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This episode’s links:

Pre-order the Mega Man’s 30th anniversary reproduction carts here:

Kickstarter for Mega Drive title Tanzer:

Unofficial remake of the Master System’s Transbot for the PC:

QuaHappy for the ZX Spectrum:

O.P.Z for the ZX Spectrum:

Rubicon for the ZX Spectrum:

Nixy the Glade Spirit for the ZX Spectrum:

Train for the Atari XL and XE:

Time Pilot for the Atari XL and XE:

HeliCommander for the Atari XL and XE:

Buy a copy of Accorolado for the Amiga:

Hyperzap 2018 for the Commodore 64:

Monkey Mayhem Advance on the Game Boy Advance:

The Shadows of Sergoth for the Amstrad CPC:

Minotaur for a range of Atari 8 bit computers:

Two Cyclops for the Mega Drive:

Bootee for the NES:

English language fan translation of Space Hunter for the NES:

English language fan translation of Youkai Douchuuki for the PC Engine:

English language fan translation of Noobow for the Game Boy

English language fan translation of Choro Q 64 2: Hacha Mecha Grand Prix Race on the N64:

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