Retro News Round Up – April 2018

In this month’s Retro News Round up – Q*Bert gets called into Q-uestion, why the wait for more Sega Forever seems to be taking forever, and how Plumbers Don’t Wear Ties is the game that just won’t die.

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This episode’s links:

Alley Cat Remeow Edition for the PC:

Buy the Hyperkin SupaBoy SFC:

All the entrants of the ZX-DEV conversions competition:

Roust for the ZX Spectrum:

Steel Jeeg on the ZX Spectrum:

Knights on the ZX Spectrum:

A demake of Plumber Don’t Wear Ties for the ZX Spectrum (WHY!?):

Quad Core for the Commodore 64: Fart Escape

Fart Escape for the Commdore 64:

Joe Gunn for the Commodore 64:

Block Off for the Amiga:

Golden Wing for the Amiga:

Tower 57 for the Amiga:

Sheep It Up on the Game Boy:

Sokoban for the Master System:

Prince of Persia for the BBC Master:

English Fan translation of Sherlock Holmes: The Kidnapped Countess on the NES:

English Fan translation of SWAT: Special Weapons and Tactics for the NES:

English Fan translation of The Legend of Getsu Fūma on the NES:

English Fan translation of SD The Great Battle: A New Challenge for the SNES:

English Fan translation of Atelier Marie+Elie: The Alchemists of Salburg-Episodes 1 & 2 on the PS2:

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