“Nintendo is Spying on You” – 104 – When All Else Fails

Nintendo is spying on you and you might not believe it! Sexy Luigi, all knowing NPCs, asking Metroid Fusion questions on a Super Metroid board, transferable skills, and playing with the code of Contra.

** Skirmish Frogs!! ** This is a brand new series twice montlhy that is made to be comedic in nature. It’s about having fun, playing games, and laughing at all the silly stuff that it comes from.
Because this is such an amazing community (and I’m poor when it comes to creating unique content for it), you will get the podcast A WHOLE WEEK BEFORE ANYONE ELSE! That’s right.

So I need your help! Comments, criticisms, suggestions, stories, Game FAQs, needing advice, all of it! Leave it in the comment section before or one of ways below.

Got some cool video game stories? Need some video game advice? Got something you’d like to share in way of a sponsorship? Email me eric@iamericm.com or slid into my Twitter DMs @erichunter.

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