Retro News Round Up – February 2018

This month’s retro news round up includes some block based loving, the Vectrex getting some colour in its cheeks, and a box-art legend sadly passing away.

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This episode’s links:

The NES Maker Kickstarter:

How to put some colour into your Vectrex’s cheeks:

Topo Mix Game on the ZX Spectrum:

Bobby Carrot on the ZX Spectrum:

Crazy Kong City Episode 2: Saving Kong, Roust on the ZX Spectrum:

Roust on the ZX Spectrum:

Mighty Final Fight on the ZX Spectrum:

Harbinger 2 – The Void on the ZX Spectrum:

The Adventures of Jane Jelly: The Egg Diamond on the ZX Spectrum:

Iceblox Plus on the Commodore 64:

Blok Party RX on the Commodore 64:

Retaliate on the Commodore 64:

Sky Destroyer on the Atari 2600:

Climb the Tree on the Atari 2600:

Roadtrip on the Amiga:

Silver Valley for the Sega Master System:

Snake on the Game Boy:

Duck Out for the Amstrad CPC:

LvR on the Game Boy Advance:

Inferno for the MSX2:

The loving remake of Sqij on the ZX Spectrum:

English language translation of Asuncia: Staff of Sealing for the Playstation:

English language translation of Family Diamond Game for the Playstation:

English language translation of Banishing Racer for the Game Boy:

English language translation of Digital Devil Story: Megami Tensei on the NES:


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