Retro News Round Up – November 2017

In this month’s Retro News Round Up there’s some hubbub about Hubbard, Armed sells for a disarming amount, and Killer Bees for the Commodore Amiga creates some buzz.

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This episode’s links:

Project Hubbard Kickstarter:

Mystery World Dizzy Kickstarter:

Pre-order the Analogue NT:

RetroForce for the ZX Spectrum:

The Incredible Shrinking Professor for the ZX Spectrum:

Zukinox for the ZX Spectrum:

Beams of Light for the ZX Spectrum:

Sophia on the ZX Spectrum:

Pumpkin Poe for the ZX Spectrum:

The Sword of Ianna for the MSX2 and the ZX Spectrum:

Draconian for the Atari 2600:

Kobo64 for the Commodore 64:

Chibi Akuma’s Episode 2: Confrontation for the Amstrad:!-8stg/msg150949/?topicseen#new

Blake’s 7 for the Oric-1:

Athanor the Awakening for the Commodore C16, 116, and Plus4:

Buy Sheep it Up for the Game Boy:

Buy Creepy Brawlers, Creepin it Reel, and Justice Duel for the NES:

Ebay listing for Sega Saturn title Armed:

Zodes for the Commodore Amiga:

Space Hippies for the Commodore Amiga:

Crystal Kingdoms for the Commodore Amiga:

Fan translation of Star Cruiser 2: The Odysseus Project for the PC98:

Fan translation of The Universe Soldiers on the NES:

Fan translation of Wrecking Crew ‘98 for the SNES:

Fan translation of Tengai Makyou Zero for the SNES:

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