Bleeps and Bloops: Super Castlevania IV SNES Full Soundtrack


You’ve seen the game, now hear one of the best game soundtracks ever made! My first non-NES soundtrack video, or “Bleeps and Bloops” game music video period, Super Castlevania IV happens to have one of my favorite SNES game soundtracks ever. So enjoy the spooky sounds, just in time for Halloween!


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  1. This game – title screen music especially – was the first SNES game that me go ‘woah’ because it seemed beyond what our Megadrive coukd do at the time. 😀

    Interesting thing in retrospect: Nintendo licensed a load of instrument samples from Roland as part of the SNES development kit. Concequently, there’s a Roland Sound Canvas that contains most of the instrument samples found in Castlevania iv (Roland SC-55, i think.)

  2. Interesting. I actually didn’t know that!

  3. YEAH YEAH!!!!

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