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It’s a very exciting time for me personally this month. Halloween is just around the corner and during this time of the year I also like to consume myself and binge play as much creepy and spooky games as possible. Gruesome if you must. Manhunt was one of the first games I bought LONG long ago (practically a fossil here) that made me fall in love with the dark scene. Some people don’t like blood and guts but I am the total opposite. I tend to be very open-minded and my mind is very open to gory and demented stories.  Ah well lets just say that’s my expertise. Before the official release I spent hours reading up on the previews through magazines to see what this twisted game was about and well the pictures just don’t do it justice. I had to have it.

My spine is tingling just from the memories I made playing this game…

A little about the story here, you start out as James Earl Cash, a prisoner who is sent to death by lethal injection. Definitely a crazy way to leave this earth. He wakes up in a dark room on what looks like an operating table and some dude on a speaker who calls himself The Director talks about how he can grant James his freedom but of course to any good story there’s a catch. In order to be free he has to go around the city killing multiple gangs who on the other hand was hired by The Director guy to kill him. I guess it’s for his own sick, twisted pleasure.  I like twisted and I think at this point once people found out how much violence was in this game it got banned in several countries. In my opinion, the best kind of games are always the ones they try to keep you from playing.

Thumbs up in my own little book of horror.

The game play was very simple and easy to use first off. Actually it’s one of the first things I noticed. The beginning is like a small tutorial but instead of giving a boring page to read with how to work the controls, they let you play through it. I’d rather play through then read something that I probably would forget 5 minutes in. Take note if there happens to be any game developers reading. Weapons are a necessity in this game. It’s what you use to kill the many gang members walking through the streets. Don’t think there isn’t many walking too because after evading and trying to find places to hide, uhhh…yeah I think there’s 100 of these guys floating somewhere. Hiding is being stealthy and is very VERY crucial. Unlike myself who just openly ran, you’ll need to try and hide as much as possible. You go out guns a blazin’ and you’ll end up getting your butt kicked by many so take my advice and do try and be a fly on the wall.

You’re equipped with a plastic bag during this tutorial. One idiot is just standing there oblivious to everything around him. Yes very very easy. The controls go to button sequence and there is 3 colors. Green, Yellow and Red. Green being not so friendly but yes you are dead from suffocating and Red to just well… you’ll have to play the game in order to know what i’m talking about on this sentence. Depending on the weapons you use you can perform different executions and some are really really gory (*ahem* baseball bat) Definitely try to go for the Red though because based on the performance you give, each level ends with a star rating. You give a spectacular performance puts you at 5 stars and well if you suck you’ll only get 1.. Simple right? The moral of the story is to run around the city, hide from noob killers, hide from demented cops, try to escape the city, find yourself by realizing you are too good to be executed and live happily ever after. Ahh can’t you feel the simplicity?

Don’t be a noob and go for the 5.

With the little being said from above, go out and try it. This Halloween if you’re not out getting wasted or going trick or treating, pick up a copy up for yourself and see what i’m talking about. I don’t want to give too much away as there are some people out there who haven’t played it. I myself found it to be very therapeutic and simple (after the many deaths I accumulated) but then again I might just be weird and dumb. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

What’s not a better way to scare the crap out of yourself then constantly running from guys that look like this?

Just make sure you got your big boy pants on. 

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