Gameboy Classic Coming Soon?


Gameboy Classic Coming Soon?
So a patent found online could show Nintendo is making the Gameboy Classic soon. Unlike the NES and SNES Classic, this could be something that many would want and its not so easy to make one on your own. You can take a Raspberry Pi and do it, see below, but it takes times and skills. Buying it off the internet made is pricey as well. What do you think?

Nintendo’s new trademark may hint at plans for a Game Boy Classic Edition

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  1. I would only want a GB Classic if you could still also plug it into your TV.

  2. I would definitely be interested in one of these, but I’d be concerned about the price. The original Game Boy retailed for $100, so while a new system would cost more to engineer, since they’ve already done the work and have a working system/board they can use, the primary cost should lie in the tooling of the units themselves, and in the screen, which should be relatively inexpensive. If it had the relative size and form factor of the original, that would be cool, though I could see them going more the Pocket/Color route, so it’s more portable. TV out would be fantastic, though again, not 100% necessary. Hopefully they could do one with a good selection of games, and make the price reasonable.

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