Woodyman’s Backloggery #8 – Outland

Wow! It’s been a long time since I did one of these. I want to apologize for the lack of reviews, but DAMN do I not want to do ANYTHING during the summer. Nevertheless, summer break is winding down so let’s get back to business with a review of Outland!

NO! Not that Outland……. this one.


What if Metroidvania and Ikaruga fucked, and had a baby? That baby would be Outland.

Outland is for all purposes a Metroidvania platformer. This genre is identified by being unable to proceed in a certain path or direction until the proper ability or power-up is obtained. What makes Outland different from other indie Metroidvania games (and trust me, there are A LOT) is the light and dark color change system.

Similar to the shmup Ikaruga, Outland allows you to change the color or aura of your character. You can switch between the light side represented by blue, and the dark side represented by red. When your color matches the color of your enemy, you can absorb their projectiles but your attack does little to no damage. When your color is the opposite of your enemy, you get hurt by projectiles but do critical damage to foes. Quickly switching colors to adapt to the enemies, traps and environment is the key to beating this game.

The other thing that sets Outland apart from other Metroidvania games, is that it has online co-op! For the sake of this review, I played over Xbox Live with my friend Tom. When playing online co-op things are easier, and there are some co-op only challenges that you and your friend can tackle together. There was some lag, and hiccups that made the game more difficult, but it was still playable and fun!

Overall, if you like fast paced action and a Metroidvania style platformer, then you’ll like Outland. I had fun, and even played through it twice. Overall, I rank this game a 13 out of It’s been months since I last released a blog.


Also there be a dragon!


Next up: Batman: Arkham Asylum

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