Is Your Retro Gaming Habit Turning Your Kids into Potty-Mouths?

I’ve found that my youngest daughter is picking up some bad habits from watching me play video games.

Not that I give a flying fuck.

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About The Requiem

The Requiem is an old-school gamer and a new-school potty mouth. While he may fancy himself some kind of an electric ninja-superhero... thing, he's really just a normal dude with a weird sense of humor and a hard-on for anything SEGA, Metroid or Mortal Kombat. You can follow The Requiem on Twitter @UnboundRequiem, where he regularly posts about all kinds of gaming nonsense, including retro games, his SEGA Nerds contributions, and other stuff.

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  1. I have “cursed like a sailor” for most of my life. In fact, as a kid, the grandmother who raised me ALSO could use some very colorful language, but she was a hypocrite about it, telling me not to say those words, but then turning around and cussing out a driver who cut her off in traffic, etc.

    Me personally? If I ever finally get the honor of having children, I have always said that I will “curse” around them, because words are just words, but I will also take the time and effort to TEACH them that there is a time and place where you DON’T say those words (such as school).

    Now on the OTHER hand, I may or may not want to have them see me play an old game when they’re little, not because I don’t want them cussing, but because I don’t want them getting gamer rage. LOL

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