Retro News Round Up – August 2017

In this month’s Retro News Round Up a Game Boy Camera wielding photographer reaches for the stars, the Barcode Battler makes an unwelcome reappearance, and the Ataribox still remains an enigma.

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This episode’s links:

The GBE+ Barcode Battler emulator:

Kickstarter for the Crash Annual 2018:

Kickstarter for the Games for Atari: 1977 to 1995 book:

More of Alex Pietrow’s Game Boy Camera photography:

The Adventures of Jane Jelly for the ZX Spectrum:!uhcxTbqZ!Jl9sa1bJZT8_V0bZREtAu4LfFVWiJk39LVekCoehDAI

Break/Space for the ZX Spectrum:

Sorceress for the ZX Spectrum:

Roboprobe 48 for the ZX Spectrum:

Buy a physical copy of Robot 1 In the Ship of Doom for the ZX Spectrum:

Legend of the Lost Catacombs for the Commodore Vic 20:

Vault Man 2 on the Commodore 64:

Lumberjack Reloaded on the Amiga:

Ghost for the MSX:

Switchblade on the Atari Jaguar:!/Switchblade-Jaguar/p/87816081/category=20971056

The many games re-released on the Atari Age website:

Play Rayman on the SNES:

Super Strike Trilogy for the Mega CD:

Abandoned Atari Ae version of Whitewater Madness:

Fan translation of Flowers in the Mirror on the NES:

Fan translation of Mahjong on the NES:

Fan translation of Monster Party on the NES:

Fan translation of Puss in Boots: Around the World in 80 days NES:

Fan translation of Modern Shogi: Naitou 9 Dan Shougi Secret on the NES:

Fan translation of Murder on the Mississippi NES:

Fan translation of Tunnel War on the NES:

Fan translation of CRW Metal Jacket on the PC 98:

Fan translation of Sin and Punishment: Successor of the Earth on the N64:

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