Retro News Round Up – July 2017

In this month’s Retro News Round Up the SNES Classic is unveiled, Crash Bandicoot makes a triumphant return, and the Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega Plus debacle rumbles on.

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This episode’s links:

Sonic the Hedgehog shoes:

AtariBox website:

Krikzz range of EverDrive flash carts for the Game Boy:

AmigaWave Red Pill Games Competition:

ZX Spectrum Basic Jam entrants:

CBA Jam entrants:

La Carretera for the Commodore 64:

Spyders for the Commodore 64:

The Sky is Falling for the Commodore 64:

Blimpgeddon for the ZX Spectrum:

Robot 1 in the Ship of Doom for the ZX Spectrum:

AmigaOpenBor for the Commodore Amiga:

Quasarius for the Commodore Amiga:

Who Dares Wins for the MSX2:

Amstrad CPC versions of Captain Fizz Meets the Blaster Trons, Frogger, Acolyte, Unpredictaball, and Ninja Grannies:

Megallennium 6-in-1 Mega Cart on the PC:

The unreleased port of Venture for the Atari 5200:

Fan translation of Shikigami no Shiro for the PC:

Fan translation of Ikki NES:

Fan translation of The Wing of Madoola for the NES:

Fan translation of Super Xevious: GAMP no Nazo for the NES:

Fan translation of Gomoku Narabe Renju for the NES:

Fan translation of The Hacker on NES:

Fan translation of Ganbare Goemon Gaiden: Kieta Ougon Kiseru on the NES:

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