Game That Tune has a Patreon now!

Hey everyone! It’s been a busy month over at GTT HQ, but we’ve got exciting things in the works!

First of all, we’ve launched our Patreon page! If you like the show we make and want to help us make a better show, consider becoming a patron! $5 or more gets you access to our Patreon-exclusive content, starting with our Nintendo 64 mixtape! We truly do appreciate any support, even if it’s just listens and shares, but we’re gonna try to improve our output and create a lot of fun stuff, so stay tuned!

Also, we’ve put out 5 podcast episodes since the last time we were here, so there’s a ton of great tunes to listen to!
Episode 61 is all games with female protagonists!
Episode 62 is games from the final year of their console’s life cycle!
Episode 63 is million-sellers!
Episode 64 is…get this…NINTENDO 64 GAMES
Episode 65 is Gamecube games, and it ran super long, but it’s loaded with 7 games worth of tunes!

Also also, our YouTube channel is going to be home to more videos than just our live recordings! We’ve already done a Nintendo 64 Fantasy Draft and we’ve got some crappy E3 reactions, but we are planning on more stuff, so maybe subscribe to that!

Tonight’s live episode should be a doozy, since we’re talking about games that made us cry, so the tunes will either be super sappy or you’ll learn that we were all triggered by strange things! Either way, catch us live at 9 PM EST on Twitch, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube! We’d love to get some requests, either here in the comments, on Twitter @GTTPod. As always, thanks for listening and enjoy the show!

-John H.

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