Breath of the Wild – A Wild Theory: Part III

I’ve been having some degree of difficulty finding any more hard evidence of the last divine beast or remnants/foreshadowing of it within The Ocarina of Time – but I am still looking.

Yet, throughout The Legend of Zelda series we see a theme that has led me to believe, without a shadow of doubt (in my mind) that Link is actually dreaming all the games. Something caught my attention on a recent new save file for Breath of the Wild that I let a friend try out – he got to Hateno Village, and of course, the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab to talk to Purah. I watched the cut scenes/dialog interaction a little more closely this second time around and noticed a giant clue bomb dropped by the shrunken Sheikah herself: “Something MUST have happened in that 100 years!” (I am paraphrasing, but that was pretty close to her actual message).

The “Aha!” moment for me came later that same day when I was watching Passengers (pretty good movie); they woke up early! What if Link’s “wake up sequences” from the vast majority of the games in the series were simply Link accidentally waking up early? What if the games are all just his memories being jumbled up together in something that his Hylian brain could comprehend?

It seems, through interaction throughout Breath of the Wild, by recovering memories that maybe the resurrection chamber was far more than just a place of slumber – that it contains the memories of Link – a cloud backup if you will – that has been corrupted over the years of Link’s sleeping. He wakes up, groggy. I’m assuming his progress is being monitored by Impa, Purah, and Robbie as they seem to be the ones that ensured Link’s delivery to the chamber. They see that Link’s starting to stir too early and “rig” the ancient technology just enough to get him back to sleep.

Remember. This tech is, according to the game, 10,000 years old at least. Our heroic collaborators have limited understanding of the way everything works – yet, they have figured it out just enough to make things sort of work. This explains Link’s memory loss, the inability to regain control of the guardians, and not having a deeper command of the Sheikah Slate.

I realize that this is just a theory – in our real world they developed the game with a hint of nostalgia for the long term Zelda fans, and made it so that no prior Zelda experience was required for everyone else. It’s fun to see throwbacks to the games that made this series great, the jokes that it makes at itself that never get old, and to once again save Hyrule from impending doom. As for me, this journey has given me a great reason to revisit and, in some cases, play for the first time older games in the series and fall in love with the Legend of Zelda throughout time once again.

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