Uniracers / Unirally SNES Review

Uniracers (Unirally here in the UK) was one of the strangest games for the Super Nintendo, developed by DMA Design (Developers of Lemmings and now develop games like the Grand Theft Auto series, Red Dead Redemption and more under the name of Rockstar North).

Part racing game, part stunt game (ala Tony Hawk Pro Skater), this strange release sees you “driving” unicycles across pipe-based circuits in order to clear cups and earn medals.

In this review, find out whether or not this game still holds up, and what Pixar have to do with this game never getting a sequel or a re-release.

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Footage captured in glorious 1080p60 using an original system, connected via RGB cables to a Framemeister upscaling unit and captured through an Elgato Game Capture HD60 unit.
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