Obscure & Forgotten Mario Games Remastered- Part 8: ’00-’17 Arcade

Even with Nintendo being busy with their home and handheld consoles, Mario and friends still continued to show up in the arcades in the new millennium, but usually with the help of Capcom or Namco. Games in this penultimate part have a bigger focus on multiplayer and were released in the arcades from 2000-2017. While this is one of the longer parts at thirteen (technically fourteen) games, many of these games are similar to each other, so descriptions of most of these games will be pretty short.


  1. Super Mario Fushigi no Janjan Land– 2003: Arcade (Japan only)


This is a rare Japan only single player medal game with a Super Mario Bros. 3 theme developed by Capcom. I assume Capcom/Nintendo went with the SMB 3 theme to promote the release of Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3 since that came out the same year. Janjan Land would be the first of six Mario Fushigi arcade games.

Would this game be worth playing? Due to its limited release, no.


  1. Super Mario Fushigi no Korokoro Party– 2004: Arcade (Japan only)


Korokoro Party brings Mario Party 5 to the arcade and supports six players rather than the console version’s four.  Like with a majority of these arcade games from the 2000s, it never saw a North American or PAL release and was developed by Capcom.

Would this game be worth playing? If you can find one of these machines and six or so players, sure. Otherwise, just stick with Mario Party 5 on the GameCube.


  1. Super Mario Fushigi no Korokoro Party 2– 2005: Arcade (Japan only)

The sequel to the previous year’s Korokoro Party is based off of Mario Party 6 and was developed by Capcom. The game supports 8-16 players but only has eleven playable characters. Like with many games appearing on this list, it stayed Japan exclusive.

Would this game be worth playing? Manage to find one, sure. Otherwise just go with Mario Party 6.


  1. Donkey Kong: Jungle Fever Donkey Kong: Banana Kingdom– 2005/2006: Arcade (Japan only)


Jungle Fever is an arcade sequel to Donkey Kong Jungle Beat on the GameCube. Banana Kingdom, released the following year, is a sequel to both Jungle Fever and Jungle Beat. Not a whole lot of information is available about these games other than they’re medal games that support six players and have mini-games with Donkey Kong. Both of these games were created by Capcom.

Would these games be worth playing? If you happen to see one on a visit to Japan, sure give it a go. Otherwise, I’d pass on them.


  1. Mario Kart Arcade GP– 2005: Arcade


This was the sixth entry in the Mario Kart series and the first to hit arcades (unless you count the Europe exclusive Mario Kart 64 slot machine). To play the game, players need to insert a certain amount of money, tokens, or by using a special Time Zone Power card. Unlike the other arcade games in this section, this one was developed by Namco and features three characters from the Pac-Man series while eight are from Mario. Before the race, the seat can be adjusted and a picture is taken of the player which is then framed with a Mario hat and mustache or other features of characters. From there the Grand Prix or Time Trials can be played, but their will be a time limit for each. In races the player has to get in first place to proceed to the next course. If they’re ranked any lower, the course needs to be played again, regardless; more payment needs to be made to race again. The karts are controlled with a steering wheel, accelerator, and brake pedals. To use an item, the player presses the button on the center of the steering wheel.

Would this game be worth playing? If you find one, then yes.


  1. Mario Kart Arcade GP 2– 2007: Arcade


This was the eighth game in the Mario Kart series and a follow up to MKAGP; it costs $2 to play. Set up and rules are the same as the first game, so players will still have to pay to play the next course. There are thirteen characters now to choose from: nine from Mario, three from Pac-Man, and one from Tamagotchi. There are sixteen courses in the game.

Would this game be worth playing? Like with GP, yes if you can find one.


  1. Mario Party Fushigi no Korokoro Catcher– 2009: Arcade (Japan only)


This Fushigi Mario Party machine is based off of Mario Party 8. Unlike Fushigi Party and its sequel, Fushigi Party 2, this game’s main gimmick is the crane. It’s used to have players try to capture a ball from a conveyor belt in the crane event game. While sixteen people can play, they’re all playing separate games.

Would this game be worth playing? It certainly sounds the most unique of these Fushigi Mario Party  games Capcom has made so far, but due to it only being released in Japan, it’d be easier to play Mario Party 8.


  1. New Super Mario Bros. Wii Coin World– 2011: Arcade (Japan only)


This is a slot machine based multiplayer arcade game by Capcom. The game has various events that are from New Super Mario Bros. Wii. If players win the events and slots, they’re given an opportunity to collect a key. Collecting five of these keys grants them access to the Bowser event. Winning this final event will win the player the jackpot.

Would this game be worth playing? If you like slot machines and happen to live or are going to Japan, sure.


  1. Mario Party Kurukuru Carnival– 2012: Arcade (Japan only)

There isn’t a ton of information available about this game, but it appears to be based off of Mario Party 8 going by the arcade machine’s artwork. The middle of this machine has a merry-go-round looking contraption.

Would this game be worth playing? Sure. It looks the funnest of these Capcom arcade games based off of Mario Party. Pity it was only released in Japan.


  1. Mario Party Fushigi no Korokoro Catcher 2– 2013: Arcade (Japan only)

Very little information about this arcade machine exists. It is however based off of Mario Party 8 and likely plays similarly to the first Mario Korokoro catcher game.

Would this game be worth playing? No. Mario Party 8 would be easier to play…even with it’s motion controls.


  1. Mario Kart Arcade GP DX– 2013/2014: Arcade (Japan and North America only)


MKA GP DX is the third arcade Mario Kart and the tenth game in the series overall. Like with the two other games it can be linked up with three other machines for multiplayer. The time trial feature was removed from this game, however grand prix, national battle (exclusive to Japan machines), and the multi-player modes are still present. The players picture is still taken before the races begin and can be decorated with things like a pirate suit; pics are not required however. Rather than having to get in first each time, players want to get in third or better. Each circuit has a time limit of 250 seconds (4 minutes and 10 seconds). The game seems to borrow elements from Mario Kart: Double Dash!! and Mario Kart 7. Two players can work together (one driving, while one shoots items). Special power-ups are available in this co-op mode that transforms the player’s kart into a fusion kart which can fire an unlimited supply of green shells at any direction from the kart’s turret (basically a tank) for a limited time.

Mario Kart Arcade GP DX has multiple updates/DLC that is unlocked over the span of five years assuming the arcade machine is connected to the internet. By 2018-2019, the game can have up to 30 courses, 20 characters, 120 vehicles, and around 150 items. There is only one character from Pac-Man, and that’s Pac-Man. New characters are Don-chan and his two palette swaps.

Would this game be worth playing? It sounds like the funnest of the three Mario Kart GP games and it was given a release in North America, so yes, go play it if there is a machine in your area. These Mario Kart arcade games sound like they’re quarter munchers though.


  1. Luigi Mansion Arcade– 2015: Arcade (Japan and North America only)


This arcade game is a sort of remake of Luigi’s Mansion 2: Dark Moon (3DS, 2013). As with basically all of these arcade games, it was developed by Capcom. While getting released in Japan, this game was released in North America at Dave & Buster’s locations, but as of October 2015, it’s only a test release. The gameplay is a mix of the Luigi’s Mansion gameplay of sucking up ghosts up crossed with a Light Gun rail shooter type game. Places players visit along with the enemies are based off of Dark Moon, so don’t expect to see portrait ghosts like in the original Luigi’s Mansion. Rather than a standard joystick, the game uses a custom controller modeled off the Poltergust 5000. On this unique controller are buttons for turning on and off the flashlight and for the vacuum. This controller can also be shaken to suck up aggressive specters. A second player can join in controlling a different colored Luigi like how other Luigis appeared in Dark Moon’s multiplayer.

Would this game be worth playing? This sounds really fun but if the game is still getting a test release, finding one may be difficult, unless a Dave & Buster’s is in your area.


  1. Mario Party Fushigi no Challenge World– 2016: Arcade (Japan only)


Released back in October, this is the sixth and newest Fushigi game developed by Capcom. The game is based off of Mario Party 9 and features a virtual roulette board in the middle of the arcade machine. Challenge World features six touch screen panels that allow players to play remixed versions of Mario Party 9‘s mini-games and play boards. Between one and six players can play with 23 playable characters available with standouts like: Rosalina, Bowser Jr., Diddy Kong, Koopa Troopa, and Magikoopa.

Would this game be worth playing? It’s the newest of these Capcom Mario Party games so it’s probably the easiest to find of the bunch so sure I guess. I’d say just go play Mario Party 9 since it would be way easier and less expensive, but that game isn’t exactly well regarded, so maybe play one of the many Hudson Soft developed MP games instead.

Next week is the final part of the Obscure & Forgotten Mario Games Remastered series. This part will cover the Mario games that didn’t fit in any of the eight other parts.

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