Space Invaders (Atari 2600): Welcome to My Childhood Nightmare


The first console I ever owned was a hand-me-down Atari 2600 given to us by an aunt. It only had three games that I can remember: Combat, my personal favorite AstroBlast, and then the infamous Atari hit Space Invaders. The problem was, at 4-5 years old, I really did not understand how to play Space Invaders yet, so it was way too hard for me, and I rarely ever tried to play it. I did, however, often marvel at the game’s artwork (which of course has absolutely nothing to do with the actual game). Those domed cities on gigantic UFOs really captured my imagination.


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  1. I also had Space Invaders when I was 5 but I smoked the neighbors, who were in high school at that time.

    • I’m sure I could have stuck with it and really learned how to play and got better, but I think it just intimidated me right off the bat, and I was perfectly happy to just play AstroBlast (which in all fairness, is also FAR from easy) instead.

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