Rock on Brother! – The (possible) Origins of the Goron

In my last posting on the subject of Gorons, I went through an extensive rundown on the other races within Hyrule, and the possibilities of romantic/sexual relations between the Goron men and females from other races. You can read it in its glorious detail here.

Several theories on Twitter were postulated. Among some of the more popular ones are worth investigating.

The first theory was that Goron men are male Gerudo. This seems on the surface like a plausible idea. However, we must keep in mind that a male Gerudo is only born every 100 years. So, could Gerudo women be female Gorons? We must also assume that offspring of different races would have character traits of both races. Both races do show similarities in how they live; generally closed off, in hot, desolate places, and suspicious of outsiders. This possibility was raised due to the presence of not one, but two Goron males within Gerudo City in BotW.

Goron in Gerudo Town

They let me in…

This led to another idea that Goron are indistinguishable in their sexes to the outside world – particularly by the Gerudo. I find this a stretch. The Gerudo guards recognize male intruders to their enclave in the desert, the Gerudo around the bazar and in other places around Hyrule can tell that Link is a Voe (male), and they intentionally hunt down male counterparts to be with in a relationship. Gorons are immediate to point out the fact that they are male. The two seen in Gerudo Town are even baffled that they were allowed in at all.



Male? Mail? Whaaaa?

Another interesting idea would be that the Goron are reproduced Asexually – like seahorses. This would be hard to prove and disprove as no evidence can point solidly in either direction. I can’t say it does or doesn’t happen. If we take into consideration the rest of the races in Hyrule that all seem to reproduce through procreation between female and males, I would lean on ruling this idea out for now.



The theories got a little whacky after the first few ideas being batted around, but deserve their time in the sun all the same.



Extruding a Goron is hard work!

The first one is that Gorons literally pop off the back of their father’s back like Gremlins. I could see this being possible – most of the male Gorons have “outcroppings”, for lack of a better term, on their backs full of potential for new generations of Gorons. However, with only one baby Goron (and he’s not that much of a baby, more toddler aged) in any of the games to use as an example, it really is hard to tell – speaking of that baby, it’s interesting how he’s in a diaper – maybe he quite literally !@#$s bricks? Whatever the case, the theories only get weirder from here.


My personal first weird one was one that hit me while talking back and forth on the Twitter feed from @Nyleak. What if Gorons had a queen like bees do? That would mean that every Goron male was a drone for the great Queen of the Gorons. Then, as I sat there satisfied with my idea, a thought hit me: wouldn’t the Goron guys TALK about their Queen? Well, yeah, they most likely would. So that is a nope on that one.


This is Awkward!

Gorons are hermaphroditic – yes. This is the weirdest theory. First off, no other species within the game is listed as such, and in our world, hermaphrodites tend to be sterile. So, even if our “brothers from another mother” were hermaphrodites, they seemingly would not be able to reproduce within their own means.

Gorons are clones. Let’s just chuck this one right away. Clones would all be identical, with no variation. We can clearly see that even within the youngest of Gorons there are minor differences in their physiques. Clones is out.



Let’s Make a Tri-Force!

Finally, lets bring Goron creation back into the realm of possibility with what I believe to be how Gorons are brought forth into the world of Hyrule. We’ve seen creationism at play in Hyrule – the Zora believed that they were somehow created by Jabu Jabu, who could be a physical incantation of Nayru, the Goddess of Wisdom, that “poured out her wisdom all over Hyrule”. We also have Farore who has been closely linked to the creation of the Kokiri (Korok) and is represented by the Great Deku Tree. Is it too far of a stretch of the mind to see that Gorons could be created by Din, the Goddess of Power?

Din, the Goddess of Power, created the land – including Death Mountain, the home of our Goron friends. Gorons are unlike all the other races in Hyrule – for one very easily explained reason – each Goron is created within the fires of Death Mountain himself, and stamped with the mark of the Goron. Yet they share the “created” qualities the rest of our races, the Zora and Kokiri, with their uniqueness in physical appearance and appreciation for their little corners of Hyrule.

death mountianSomething to also note is that there are three representations of each Goddess – landmark, people, and dragons. For the Goron it’s Death Mountain, Gorons, and Dinraal. Din’s section of the Triforce, the Triforce of Power, was the one that fell into the hands of evil – so, it is possible that Din, in order to protect her children from being corrupted by evil, prohibited them from procreation and instead chose to craft each and every Goron that was ever made.

I know it’s a theory without undeniable proof or merit, but it does make the most logical sense within the confines of the games. The Zelda series is rich in blends of mythos, creation, history, and of course legends. Here’s hoping that one day we can all find out the back story to where the Gorons, and for that matter, each race in Hyrule originated from.

In my next research driven article, I will be looking at Link’s interesting sleeping patterns!

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