Gorons–A Chip Off the Old Block, errr, Rock

Hyrule – a land of royalty and legend, filled to the brim with flora and fauna, people and places. Though time, ages, and different iterations we have seen the great race of craftsmen and miners – the Goron.

They look generally the same regardless of age and size – brown, rocky, male…All male. Thanks to @Nyleak on Twitter and her challenge, I was trying to figure out if/when I had ever seen a female Goron. We spotted male Gorons where they should not be, but no one had seen a female in any of the games. I couldn’t take credit for my light bulb going off in my head on this one!

goron quest

Alright. This task is daunting. I won’t lie. First, I have to establish some ground rules for my research:

1. I can only use other races and their own procreation patterns as witnessed within “canonical” sources – sorry ya’ll but a Magna doesn’t count.

2. I must exhaustively search for any evidence relating and pertaining to Goron societal structure and interactions with other races in Hyrule as basis for our conclusion.

3. Finally – this is for fun, it’s a game within a game; rather a mission within the series.

Hylian Peeps

What to wear in Hyrule

Let’s look at what we can glean about Hylian people. They seem to have an average (in human terms) life span. They have members of both sexes, all sorts of ages of Hylian people Link’s ran into on his journey. Link, Princess Zelda, and a whole range of characters are Hylian – they are the predominate species of humanoid (Hylianoid?) people that inhabit the land of Hyrule. Hylians tend to interact with the Goron out of curiosity, exploration, and treasure hunting, and in the case of our adventures, world saving. I can’t find evidence of relationships between the Gorons and Hylians, but I can’t NOT find it either.




No one Brags like Sidon…

Next, we see the Zora – the Zora have been notable in Zelda cannon since Ocarina of Time – primarily the introduction to Zora’s Domain, and the Sage of Water, Princess Ruto. Zora, in the Breath of the Wild, are shown to have long life spans – most  of the adult Zora remember Link from his previous duties as Zelda’s personal bodyguard and with Mipha and Link’s apparent relationship. This being said, we see both sexes of Zora and, through the heavily implied sexuality of Ruto and Link in the Ocarina of Time, and the same setup with Mipha in Breath of the Wild, one can also assume that Zora can reproduce not only within their own race, but can also have relations with other races. Perhaps this could explain the creation of the new species of the Rito? However, interaction with the Goron people seems to be, on the surface, limited to shops and traders visiting Zora’s Domain.


Rito Champion

So “eagle”tistical…

Ah the mighty Rito – an offshoot of the Zora people (flying fish anyone?) and regal to be sure. In BotW I’ve seen male and female, young and old, all sorts of wonderful new characters and stories that enrich the gameplay of BotW – it seems that they might be like birds with nesting (Warbler’s Nest) and that they nurture their young. I have not seen them interacting with the Goron men on a level that would elude to a possibility of a hybrid, but imagine a flying Goron? A super strong Rito? It would be interesting to say the least, yet no evidence of Rito and Goron interaction, aside from the champions in BotW, exists.



Hylians in disguise?

The Sheikah are yet another race within the Zelda universe. However, their uncanny resemblance to the Hylian people, coupled with the disguise that Zelda was able to wear as Sheik, are indications – to me – that the Sheikah are truly an offshoot of the Hylian race. There are men, women, and children Sheikah, and in the Breath of the Wild, we witness the creation of the Yiga Clan – hell-bent on the destruction of of Link. T – and also consisting of both men and women that have sworn themselves to Gannon and his intentions for Hyrule. With all their prowess, the Sheikah seem quite confined to Kakariko village, and I have not seen any interacting with the Goron, other than Pikango painting in Goron City, so we can almost rule out them (a sect of Hylians?) intermingling with Gorons.



Lots of trees in the desert…

Finally, before we meet our Goron “Brothers!”, let’s look at the Gerudo. At first glance they are all female, however, a male is born into the tribe every 100 years. These ladies, as seen in BotW, go forth into Hyrule and find other males to have a relationship with, and they seemingly live where their mates do. What else is unique about the Gerudo? They enjoy hot/arid climates, they are a warrior tribe, and they like to relax when it’s time to do so. But, we do see Gerudo children that don’t seem to have male parents that are outside of the Gerudo tribe – so how is this explained? More investigation is necessary, but it seems as if they select primarily Hylian mates from what is evidenced in BotW. Do they interact with the Goron? Yes, but it seems unlikely that there is a romantic connection.


Goron from Ocarina of Time

Like a Rolling Stone

Let’s get to the heart of the matter – Gorons. They are all dudes – we have never seen a single female Goron. So how the heck do Gorons reproduce? We’ve seen that every other race reproduces sexually, and that they pursue these relationships, but the Goron men seem to shy away from this. They are clan like in nature, constantly promoting contests and feats of strength and stamina, they eat rocks – some cooked, some raw, and they pass down lore from generation to generation. But how those generations come into being has been highly debated. How do Gorons reproduce based off of the evidence presented here?

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