Breath of the Wild–A Wild Theory–Part II

So, last week, when we left off with my crazy theory, Link was still on his 100-year snooze as the Hero of Hyrule. Since then I have had dreams about my dog talking to me, my dead father eating an orange, and a host of others that are not safe for work (or young eyes). I’ve also been revisiting my personal Zelda favorite, The Ocarina of Time.

ocarina of time

If you’ve never played TOoT , which would be an injustice, or if you need a refresher here’s the gist: Link awakens (hmmm) in a Forest with “elf like” people, the Kokiri. These forest folk protect and live near The Great Deku Tree. Could Link’s siesta version of the Korok (tree children) scattered around Hyrule be morphed into life-like representations in his dreams? Perhaps Link sees the Korok’s true form (as little people) in his own eyes? Anything is possible!

Kokiri Peeps                       Korok Peeps

Soon into the OOT adventure, the player is required to purchase a Hylian Shield to make it safely to the base of Death Mountain. It took me a moment on replay but I noticed something strangely familiar with the shield’s design – the Divine Beast Vah Medoh is plastered across the back! One Divine Beast – coincidence – but so far I’ve found “traces” of three:

Vah Medoh (The Rito Protector) – Hylian Shield’s emblem

OOT Hylian Shielf                          Vah Medoh

Vah Ruta – Jabu Jabu’s dungeon – complete with Ruto giving Link her “most valued possession” – eerily similar to Mipha’s giving Link her scale to symbolize an engagement – for those that haven’t figured it out, they’ve basically given Link their “virginity” and both urged him to “not tell Father” – yeah…

sapphire                mipha's scale

Vah Rudania – this one was harder to see – but, the layout for Goron City in OOT looks like the layout for the Divine Beast in BoTW.

Goron City Map OOT               Vah Rudania

So now my challenge is to find anything that points to firm evidence of the fourth Divine Beast!

Stay tuned next time as I search the Gerudo Desert and hideout and other “Links” to the Past, Present or Future and what dreams may come in another classic Zelda title – A Link to the Past!

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