What is g1 Gamedays?

If you follow me on social media, you will OFTEN see me tweeting about something called g1 Gamedays. You might also be wondering WHAT THE F*** is g1 Gamedays? Well let me tell you!

I started my blogging on a site called ScrewAttack.com. The people who signed up to be users of ScrewAttack.com were known as g1s. At the site, I’ve done many things, held many events, and started many different series. Long story short, ScrewAttack was bought by Rooster Teeth. In an effort to bring the ScrewAttack and other Rooster Teeth communities together, and in an effort to have fun with friends I started g1 Gamedays.


What are g1 Gamedays?

g1 Gamedays are weekly events where people under in all the Rooster Teeth communities (and even people not in the communities… like y’all here) can play video games with each other every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday at 9pm EST.

On g1 Gamedays we ONLY play games with online multiplayer that we can play with others. Some of our favorites are Halo 5, GTA V, Jackbox Party Games, Mario Kart, Overwatch, and more. We play on PC, PS3, PS4, Switch, Wii U, XB360 and XB1.

Every Sunday we announce what games we’re playing for the week. In fact you can check that out right here.


So what’s the point of this blog?

This blog is mainly for me to invite you… yes, YOU to check out my side project and support g1 Gamedays. The best way to do that is to follow us on Twitch – Twitch.tv/g1_Gamedays.

Also we have a Twitter – twitter.com/g1_gamedays

Also we have a Facebook group – g1 Gamedays Facebook

Please check us out next Wedneday, May 31st at 9pm EST for GTA V g1 Gameday. Our GTA V gamedays are ALWAYS a hit.

Thanks for reading.

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