Game That Tune episodes 55, 56, 57 & a brand new, all Sonic Mixtape!

Game That Tune has been having an eventful month while we all wait for our tax returns so we can upgrade our equipment! We decided that for Lent we would give up choosing themes for the show, so we’ve had a solid month of free plays, and also nonsense! These episodes have some fantastic tunes!

Episode 55 has some classic tunes, and some not-so classic games!

Episode 56 we end up going pretty Nintendo-heavy and have a blast!

Episode 57 we go the other way and have no Nintendo music!

Our Super Sonic Mixtape that we deployed this week is over an hour of music from the good Sonic games! Once the Dreamcast died, so did Sonic. right?

Tonight’s live show is our last freeplay for awhile, and we’re deploying our new in-video chat feed! Catch us live at 9 PM EST on Twitch, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube and troll us with your comments! No but for real, we love chatting with the live viewers during the show, so don’t be shy, join the fun!

-John H.

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