I Did a “Let’s Play” of Rescue Rangers in 1990! So, How’d That Go?

It has often been said that the past is a strange place. We think we know it, but really we are just looking at how our memories and experiences shape that time. If we could travel in time, we might not actually like what we see or understand things as we remember them.

It has also been said that the camera never lies. so, as for time travel, the best thing we have is raw unedited video. That’s exactly what I found in an old box of junk not too long ago: a pile of home movies. On some of them, I had found a few of the gaming videos I tried to make with the camcorder as a kid. Its a miracle they survived, but one in particular benefits from good timing.

On April 18th, Capcom will release The Disney Afternoon Collection. That game features a sextet of games from the TV animation block of the same name. In 1990 I had just bought Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers, and recorded it. For 27 years it was forgotten, being taken care of by top men. Now, it’s time to show the world and cement my place as one of the oldest gaming video producers on Earth!

I did try to add some flair to the original video, and as it turned out, I gave about 20 different hints and tricks about the game, and even uncovered an infinite life bug, I think. So put some garbage in the Mr. Fusion and go back in time to August 9, 1990! Enjoy!


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  1. wow, thats going old school for real, awesome vid dude

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