Pug Hoof Gaming’s Commercial Break: Vol. 1 🎮 The Classic Gaming Ads That Defined My Childhood!

There’s nothing more nostalgic than video game commercials, and here are some of those ads that have embedded themselves into my brain and have refused to budge over the years!

Sit down on the floor front of the monitor/television/phone, grab some breakfast cereal and watch some classic advertisements for some of your favourite games!

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Pug Hoof Gaming is a YouTube channel that goes against the grain of the Angry/Grumpy/etc. Youtubers that seem to be flooding the gaming community. Whether it’s old classics or modern hits, Pug Hoof Gaming is a channel for those of us that want to celebrate gaming in all its many forms.

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  1. they dont make them like those anymore….
    gaming commercials these days are very few and are very cliche, void of any fun

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