Same Name, Different Game: WWF War Zone

It’s that time of year. “The Radiant” Joey Pink is back on Same Name, Different Game because it’s Wrestlemania Weekend, don’t you know. And this time out, it’s PS1 vs. N64 (with a little Game Boy thrown in) as he looks at WWF War Zone.

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  1. I owned this game back in the day. It was probably the first game I bought for myself after I got my N64 in 1998. I put a decent amount of time into it, but honestly it played super clunky compared to the THQ games. You had to put like fighting move directions in for moves and stuff like that, and it simply didn’t flow as well as Wrestlemania 2000 later on. Not a BAD game, but a limited roster, kinda cumbersome gameplay. I wasn’t sad that Acclaim lost the WWF license, even though I liked them as a company overall (Turok, Extreme G, etc.)

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