March 31, 1987 – Little Mac Becomes World Champ

If you know me, I’m quite a little calendar when it comes to classic game events, especially to ones from the games that I love the most. Punch-Out!! (the one with Mike Tyson) was one of my favs on the NES. Hey, by the way, what’s with the double exclamation points? When I finally got through the game without using passwords, I noticed that the game, while released in late 1987, is actually set in early 1987. Because in the game, the headline of “KO News” declared Little Mac the champ on April 1st, 1987. However the paper says “last night.” Therefore, if it were actually real. Little Mac vs. Super Macho Man would have happened on March 31st!

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of this event. I put together a play by play of what that match would be like had it been real. I also invite my friends Brasel the Gamer, 8-Bit Duke, John Riggs, Joel Vallie, G (Starwind the Bold), Happy Console Gamer and Jadan to be in the video with me. Hope you enjoy and don’t forget to tell a friend and play Punch-Out!! with or without Mike Tyson to relive this classic gaming moment.

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